Turbines are affecting people: Lynn

Kokanee%20&%20Dr%20Lynn%20at%20Vet%20M%20copyTracey Richardson, Owen Sound Sun Times
Out of hundreds of credible studies around the world on wind energy, none of them conclude there is no association between the towering turbines and adverse health effects. That’s what Grey-Bruce medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn and her researcher, Dr. Ian Arra, will present to the public health board Friday, The report follows plaintive calls last fall from local residents who live near wind turbines for the health unit to investigate potential ill health effects.

Lynn has been asked repeatedly over the years by municipalities and residents to conduct a study on how turbines might be affecting people’s health, which they say include migraines, insomnia, heart palpitations and other symptoms. She has rejected the requests because of the time and cost involved and because the health unit is not a research institute.

But last September, after an emotional delegation appeared before the health board, Lynn agreed to do a comprehensive search of the most current and credible studies available. “( The conclusions are) not new, but it’s further confirmation that these are not NIMBYs, these are people affected by these things,” Lynn said Tuesday in an interview. “All of the studies rejected the null hypothesis that there was no association. Every one of them found that there was an association.” Read article

10 thoughts on “Turbines are affecting people: Lynn

  1. Dr. Hazel Lynn.
    Thank you for doing what is right.
    There are how many county based medical officers of health in rural Ontario?
    And she is the only one who has the courage to stand up and voice her concerns.
    Most, if not all of the others are cowards or too lazy to do what she and Dr. Ian Arra did.

  2. We need all of the doctors to educate themselves about the truth, and not take the word of the “people in charge”, who are complicit in this windscam. The wall they have built up around the truth via lies, cover-ups and gag clauses, is starting to crumble, and the truth is there to be seen by all who choose to open their eyes and take a good look. You cannot trust the Wind Companies, or the government that is in bed with them, even going so far as to go against the citizens, in favour of foreign-owned, for-profit companies. It is disgusting to have laws put in place to protect us, stripped away to further their agenda, which basically amounts to war on rural Ontario. We will not stop fighting this injustice till they stop!!!

  3. Which part of that article says Dr. Lynn is doing what’s right?

    Hazel Lynn tells us we will all die of obesity, drinking or smoking here in Grey Bruce anyway. How the hell does that statement belong, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, in an article addressing yet another literature review she will pass off to the Feds? How insulting to my neighbours in Grey Highlands who presented to Hazel Lynn and board, on the horrendous symptoms plaguing them with the start up of turbines. The ’emotional delegation’ was reaching out and asking Dr. Lynn to do her job and investigate a situation of a number of people becoming ill in the same timeframe, rather than reading some more papers. As Dave says, when he calls the vet about a sick animal on the farm, the vet doesn’t say to him,”Sorry Dave. I’ve read lots of papers and they say your animal isn’t sick. Bye now.”
    Come on.

  4. I hope so WillR. My neighbours watch their health continue to deteriorate and they don’t have time while she and others in positions of responsibility and authority continue telling us all it needs more study. We need help NOW. We deserve a health unit that will stand up for us in the way some municipalities are starting to.

    • Am I wrong, but isn’t she the ONLY medical officer of health that has said ANYTHING against IWTs?

      • She’s the first I’ve read about – certainly not Dr.Colby from Chatham-Kent, who is spouting the opposite.

      • Hazel Lynn and Ray Copes have been stuck on this track for years. At what point do they figure they should take the next step?

  5. It appears that Dr. Lynn is going to present a report that concludes that her Public Health Unit cannot help people who have become sick from operating turbines.

    Dr. Lynn, our local Medical Officer of Health, is going to forward her literature review to Health Canada who is doing a study that predicts it will find no definitive conclusion. Before the study even begins.

    The Ministry of Environment is telling people to go to the local Medical Officer of Health since the MOE does not deal with health concerns.

    It was the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Arlene King, who did a literature review that the province and wind industry hold out like a Holy Grail to allow the harm to continue. Dr. Lynn was part of that literature review as well I do believe.

    As all of these agencies continue to pass the hot potato of sickened people around, there are too many people reporting that their home is not a safe place to live in anymore, that they are sick since turbines became their new neighbour.

    They don’t want to be guinea pigs anymore. They are tired and they are sick. Some have been waiting for years to get some mitigation to regain health.

    We all want some accountability. We do not need to hear about how there are going to be lots more turbines and that the industry will make them better next time around.

    • Lorrie, you know as well as I do that if we don’t succeed at prevention, the “evidence” will continue to mount. And that eventually the day of reckoning will come. And then their excuse will be, “sorry, but we didn’t know any better.”

      Frankly, in my opinion, anyone living under the blades should get out. But this isn’t practical for many families, and this is why people like Dr. Lynn are especially contemptible. She ‘gets it’, she has authority, and so the question is, has she done EVERYTHING she can to stop this from happening? The answer is no.

      Kudos to Dr. Lynn for what’s she already done. We’re looking forward to what she does next.

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