Windmills, horse-racing: How Kathleen Wynne can woo rural Ontario: Walkom

Carno wind farm, Powys, WalesThomas Walkom, Toronto Star
Kathleen Wynne needs to win back at least some of rural Ontario. The new premier has taken symbolic measures, such as appointing herself minister of agriculture. But that alone won’t cut it. If she really wants to give her Liberals a fighting chance in the next election — an election that could occur this spring — she will have to tackle two formidable forces: windmills and Paul Godfrey.

Windmills are killing the Liberals in rural Ontario. They may be ecologically sound. But they are politically toxic.

Paul Godfrey’s Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. places a close second in the toxicity sweepstakes. Under Godfrey’s chairmanship, the OLG is putting in place a new privatization strategy designed to favour big (and usually American-run) casinos. But along the way, huge chunks of the horse-racing industry in rural Ontario — from race tracks to horse farms — are being wiped out.

Wind first. On paper, former premier Dalton McGuinty’s green energy act was a masterpiece. The government’s decision to subsidize wind and solar power meshed neatly with its promise to eliminate coal-fired electricity generating plants. Read article

4 thoughts on “Windmills, horse-racing: How Kathleen Wynne can woo rural Ontario: Walkom

  1. GEA – some masterpiece.
    Wasting billions of dollars to provide us with
    unreliable green energy that we don’t need @
    inflated prices, at the same time bolstering our
    economy with 50,000 imaginary jobs, all while
    laying waste to rural Ontario.

  2. ‘They(windmills) may be ecologically sound…’
    That pretty much sums it all up for the Toronto Star.
    That single phrase indicates the complete lack of interest from the supposed independent reporters writing for the Toronto Star.
    What a complete waste of space………..
    Andrew Watts

    • What fool supposed the reporters at Toronto Star were “independent”?

      “Lack of interest” is precisely not the motive here.

  3. I had forgotten how vacuous news coverage from TorStar could be.
    Ecological sound windmills? What planet do they inhabit.
    It is a good idea for Wynne to appoint herself Agr Minister?
    Why exactly is this a good symbolic gesture, and not a slap in the face to rural Ont,?

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