CBC documentary addresses wind farm noise in Ontario

CBC Wind RushThe Acoustic Ecology Institute
A new documentary from the CBC’s Doczone series, titled Windrush, takes a look at the widespread resistance to wind power in Ontario, which is largely based on noise and health impacts.  While the CBC video is only viewable in Canada, a regional organization opposing industrial wind has posted a version on YouTube (it’s 42 minutes long and ends a bit abruptly; it’s unclear whether it’s abbreviated, or simply missing the end credits).

This is a fairly balanced program, especially in highlighting the differences between building wind farms in the wide-open spaces of Alberta and the more densely populated rural areas of Ontario.  While it gives a lot of screen time to researchers and public officials who are studying the negative responses of many neighbors to nearby turbines, it’s useful and important to hear these sober and measured voices of concern.  The conventional wisdom, as reflected in the MOE health effects report, is also presented, though more as a context within which the program attempts to explore the persistent claims that living near turbines can be more difficult than these reassuring assessments suggest. Read article

2 thoughts on “CBC documentary addresses wind farm noise in Ontario

  1. Stupid me, can somebody tell me what “towns” are being affected by wind turbines in rural Ontario?

    ….If there’s one thing to learn from Jim Cummings at the Acoustic Ecology Institute, it’s that we should be cautious when there’s only a little bit of information available….

    “…while noting consistent symptoms being reported by people in many areas, Lynn stresses that these impacts are important even if they are only affecting 5-10% of the population that is more susceptible. The rest of the program may leave the impression that severe impacts are being felt by most or all of the residents in these towns.”

  2. The problems associated with IWTs will only get worse as more IWTs are installed. These are much larger horse-and-buggy-contraptions than have been installed in Denmark.
    The MPPs who back these contraptions at QP have getting away with the falsehood that these contraptions are new inventions/technology. Wind turbines/wind mills were developed to PUMP WATER and not to produce electricity. And they are only good at pumping water when the wind blows.

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