Tax revolt meeting in Haldimand well attended

11 thoughts on “Tax revolt meeting in Haldimand well attended

  1. More coming this summer across Ontario!…………People are bloody well fed up with these dysfunctional municipal reps who don’t know what they are doing or just don’t care.
    Most Councils are actively working for the Provincial Government instead of the people who pay them!
    When confronted, they “turtle” and hide!

  2. I just wanted to thank everyone that showed up for the tax revolt meeting. It was quite brave of Councillor Grice to show up. I just want to thank all those wonderful people that came and listened and have maybe decided it is time to put our money where our mouths are!! I for one have had enough of being condecended to by our council. I am in the process of talking to a accountant as well as a tax lawyer. I did try to have them come to the meeting, to speak, but they both had previous plans and weren’t available this time round. Again thanks for all the support Haldimand and surrounding areas residents!! You are all terrific for supporting me and I can tell you all…I am not finished this fight yet!!! Can you hear us…. can you hear us now!!!!! thanks again

    • Thanks Marnie!

      And, to like minded citizens – that feel, – they are not being heard
      by their
      local council…….
      Spread the word…………..
      Tax Revolt – Can you hear us NOW!

    • People would feel more at ease doing this if an accountant speaks or a real estate lawyer gives them information. In general tax lawyers deal with income tax matters.
      One of the central issues here is that the 3rd year delinquent taxes must be kept paid along with the interest due. Then you never get to a 3rd year delinguent tax situation.
      People think that when they are 3 years behind that if they pay thier current taxes that are safe but this is not the case. It’s the 3rd year back they must pay off first with any interest due to be safe.
      There are recent examples of this with all the job losses and some couldn’t pay thier property taxes at the time but later paid their current taxes due and still had their homes lost in tax sales due to this 3 years back law.
      Make sure everyone knows what the law is when it comes to real property taxes.

      • Good thoughts Barbara…

        However when we organized our tax revolt we decided that most of us no longer gave a rats behind what people thought… So — we quit paying out taxes, our mortgages or loans — everything. We quit supporting every municipal function possible — not paying water bills, utility bills etc.

        I did a lot of the publicity work — we got a lot of coverage — national even…

        Some did leave their homes… some lost their homes — the guy behind us chainsawed down his fence one weekend and burned the lumber in his freeplace to keep warm — another sold his for lumber…

        Others ripped out the interiors when they left their houses — for parts unknown…

        We sold everything not nailed into the interior..

        People really do get ticked off when they have had enough.

        I am not recommending this approach to anyone — it’s pretty drastic.

        It was not just the little people — our realtor friend re-sold some of the houses — he told us of houses with marble hearthstones and gold faucets ripped out and sold…

        We’re not there — but we’re getting there!

      • Income taxes are levied against a person. Realestate taxes are levied against the property itself.
        Maybe just creating tax shortfalls will be enough. Doing without 1/4 or 1/2 of property tax revenues per year can cause severe damage to local budgets.
        Pay water bills as they are also levied against the property.

      • Also pay any special assessments that may be levied as they get added onto property taxes too. No sense in running up extra bills + interest. Stick to just the property taxes alone.

      • Personally – I would just call my municipality.

        They have all the information – about property taxes, interest etc……
        Hopefully there’s nothing – in the fine print details;
        about giving up your – ‘first born child’.

      • Hopefully there’s nothing – in the fine print details; about giving up your – ‘first born child’.

        Children can be a trail at times can’t they… It’s one way to get rid of them… rotflmao!

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