Meanwhile in Haldimand, Nexterror works into the night to get turbines up

The house in these photos is not a participating receptor and is located on a farm block of 400+ acres (no turbines sited). Tonight at about 5:45pm  blades going up on the next turbine- note the geese going through at that time! (dodge and weave boys and girls). Still at it later just before 9 pm, now turbine  is all lit up all night long.

10 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Haldimand, Nexterror works into the night to get turbines up

  1. It’s strange, isn’t it, that some people consider the turbines elegant and beautiful. I find them hideously gigantic and ugly – evil, really. Those who extol their non-existent virtues, and who are utterly clued out regarding their harmfulness, do not live near them, and would not. Talk about a disconnect.

  2. I remember seeing one the first *proto-types* a number of years ago at the CNE in Toronto. It’s still there of course, but small by comparison to what they are planning to implement these days. One lonely turbine, in the middle of a massive midway & exhibition. I imagine this is one way to get the millions of city folks on board with the wind industry. Industrial Wind Turbines do not belong in the rural farming communities and from everything I’ve researched, I’m surprised to learn that only 5% of the energy is used as they do not have the technology to harvest / store it. Sounds like billions of dollars wasted in construction and environmental damage.
    The health implications are another story on it’s own and should be at the top of the list when it comes to a moratorium, until studies are completed.

  3. nice pics taken, but gee I wonder how much energy was wasted lighting up that turbine all nite?? so gad this it green energy! and didn’t those birds read the maps, their not supposed to be there!

  4. The rush to build……………..
    Ontario was warned – if you build them
    you will never get rid of them.
    Mayor Hewitt were are you?

      • Didn’t he say he made a mistake and was sorry? Then why didn’t he resign? Some people think they can make big mistakes and still keep their positions.

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