OGRA/ROMA Conference to discuss the wind issue

ImageThis next week, most of all of the Ontario Municipalities will be gathering in Toronto for the annual OGRA/ROMA Conference at the Royal York. See the program.

Of note is the “Sustained Gusts: Wind Energy and Municipalities (Workshop)” slated for Monday, Feb 25 10:45 — 12:15 PM, Imperial Room, Lobby Level.  The description reads:

Whether a solution for Ontario’s energy challenges or a possible source of adverse health effects, the reality is the wind power has arrived in Ontario in a very significant way. The harnessing of the wind has significant implications for municipalities in Ontario. We have assembled a roster of proponents and opponents to examine this issue.

The SESSION CHAIR is Eleanor Renaud, Councillor, Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley and ROMA Director. The session is sponsored by CanWEA (Canadian Wind Energy Association)


Please be sure to email and/or notify every Council member who may be attending to participate in this workshop.

30 thoughts on “OGRA/ROMA Conference to discuss the wind issue

  1. re Brandy Gianetta’s bio:
    “…as Canada’s leading source of credible information about wind energy….”
    Over the top self-serving dismissive arrogance.

  2. The hypocrisy of CANwea! For a group that constantly extols the virtues of ‘sustainability’ it has no sustainability plan nor issues a sustainability report.

  3. Clue: Networking – the opportunity

    Mark your calendar for the 2013 ROMA/OGRA Combined Conference February 24 – 27, 2013.

    The Rural Ontario Municipal Association Ontario Good Roads Association and the combined their respective conferences in 2000.

    Since then the ROMA/OGRA Combined Conference has become one of the largest municipal conferences in Canada attracting over 1,500 delegates and more than 2,300 participants in total.

    The conference is held annually each February beginning on the last Sunday and running through until Wednesday noon. Some of the featured events are:

    Opening Reception/Networking Opportunity
    The Premier of Ontario and key Ministers are invited to take this opportunity to address the delegates
    The Ministers’ Forum where delegates can ask the tough questions to assembled Provincial Ministers
    A 2 ½ day trade show with over 120 exhibitors
    The opportunity to schedule delegations with various Ministers
    20 Concurrent Workshops and Information Rooms on the latest municipal issues and innovation
    And much more!

    Okay!…….. enough ‘networking’ –
    What’s the entertainment? – this new year!

  4. OGRA – Ontario Good Roads Association – what does Canwea have to do with good roads?
    In the past this was a party for road superintendants. Manufacturers of graders, snowplows, etc would set up ‘courtesy’ rooms to promote their product… with free booze.
    Some years ago one township had just hired a female engineer who went to OGRA with the road super. He explained to her – “We start at the top and drink our way down to the bottom.”
    She said, “Is that your philosophy of life?”
    Canwea will fit right in.

      • If CanWEA is represented why not Ontario Wind resistance or Ontario Wind Concerns. I would far rather hear from those who want to protect my families health than from some big business association who only wants to exploit it.

  5. Rural Mayors will flood the speakers with questions. CanWea and Jutta, the only friend of wind are just trying to save face and dig in for what is left of their sinking ship! They will fluff and strut but have faith in Bill Palmer and Mark Davis … With Dr. Lynn’s findings and Jim Wilson electrifying them ay Queen’s Park not to mention the new report about the climate not heating up for the last 10 years +, the traction is stronger than ever and momentum is steamrolling over the wind propaganda. It sure sucks to be a wind turbine!

    • This woman,Jutta, has “weasled her way” into a Municipal conference?……how did that happen?…what’s her qualifications? ………what is her connection to the legal processes of Municipal policy making?…………….WE taxpayers are being forced to finance OUR Council’s attendance in these “gag fests” without any input by US?
      This is outrageous on so many levels!…………….CANWEA is present to “advise” our Councils to spend more of OUR money on this destructive Wind Agenda?…what are their qualifications?………….lobby groups like this should stay the hell out of OUR affairs when it comes to “brainwashing” OUR Councillors on the “realities” of Wind Energy when we all KNOW what a gigantic SCAM this is.
      Time we all demanded some accountability from ROMA, AMO and every other “association” that is promoting this type of BIASED representation.
      Note to all Councillors going to this waste of OUR $$$$……….in a face to face with Jutta and CANWEA, ask a point blank question: “what’s in this for you appearing in front of us?”

      • “what’s in this for you appearing in front of us?”

        Only Garry Moore knows for sure. (Hint: it has something to do with SECRETS)

  6. blah, blah, bleh

    Excuse me while I spew words… I’m having “digestive” problems…

    “Community welcomes Wynne as Ag Minister”
    by Cathy Dobson, Sarnia Observer, Feb 22, 2013

    Ontario farmers are optimistic that Premier Kathleen Wynne’s dual role as agriculture minister will mean good things for rural communities.
    So says Don McCabe, vice-president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and a Lambton County resident.
    “It’s an encouraging sign,” he said. “The last time we had a premier who was also agriculture minister was 60 years ago.
    “We’re under the impression the premier taking on the ag role means she wants to assist Ontario’s number one industry to move forward.”

    MPP Bob Bailey and newly-elected Lambton Warden Todd Case spoke to about 85 chamber members in attendance at the Dante Club.
    During a question and answer period, Bailey said he supports Plympton/Wyoming’s stand against wind turbine development.

    The municipality is in a court battle with Suncor over town bylaws that require wind turbines to locate at least two kilometres from neighbouring homes.
    Suncor plans to build as many as 46 turbines in Plympton/Wyoming, Lambton Shores and Warwick townships.
    “We’re going to support Plympton/Wyoming any way we can as a caucus,” said Bailey.
    Case echoed Bailey’s opinion saying, “I don’t know where the common sense went when it comes to wind power.”

    no common sense = unreasonable = negligence

    • People should leave out the fantasy…

      “We’re under the impression the premier taking on the ag role means she wants to assist Ontario’s number one industry to move forward.”

      See page 16 of 29 here:

      It’s a table So I cannot cut and paste… but in real terms Ag is $5.6B of real GDP by industry — it ranks way down there… The total real GDP is about $120B. Ag is lumped in with Forestry and Fishing btw…. so it’s not even that number.

      I suspect she considers it a minor portfolio of no consequence affecting few people.

      However, if we lost all the farms (some one day) — the effect would be far more profound that is indicated by the percentage of the economy as it would then drive all other prices skyward — very rapidly. And that is what the tables do not tell you…

      Utilities are about $10B of that total — manufacturing is about $75B of that total — but that will decline rapidly if energy prices continue to rise — even if consumers are picking up most of the tab through the general adjustment charge (GAM)…


      …and sorry once again to bring facts to the table that are contrary to widespread belief.

      • That $120B is just the goods producing industries — services are about three times large now which you will see in later tables.

        Discussing Wynne and McGuinty cause me problems I guess..

        My apologies.

      • BTW:

        People really should look over that document and note the charts and graphs. They are structured so that they only show the McGuinty years so that you cannot see how far the might province has fallen.

      • Trees and fish are natural resources unless you are tree farming or have fish “farms”?
        Time to quit OFA?

      • OFA – their silence is deafening.
        But then again –
        they are a powerful lobby group –
        with an approximate 40,000 membership.

      • The OFA has personal and financial information on 40,000 farmers and worked with CANWEA and OSEA on the Green Energy Plan back in 2008-9!
        What better resource could there be for CANWEA and the Green Energy Sustainable Group to use when they were “planning” their attack on Rural Ontario!
        I suggested back in 2009 to QUIT OFA and immediately cut yourselves off their organization!
        Why can’t honest Farmers and land owners have their own association that is non political? Once the cry that OFA had sold-out the farmers of Ontario to wind I’m sure the membership roles started to decline………….that’s when OFA started to sound like they were “anti-wind”!
        This is so wrong at so many levels………………..kick these hypocrites out of the process, get rid of CANWEA inside Government meetings like ROMA and keep this “meeting” of Municipalities “legitimate”!
        BOYCOTT anything to do with these carpet baggers!!!!!!!!!

  7. If something doesn’t fit nicely into box, means we can ignore?

    “We’re not going to run after all the speculation, the fantasies or the opinions that will be expressed on this issue,” he added. “And don’t expect the three cardinals to give you interviews, either, because they have agreed not to answer (questions) or give information on this issue.”

  8. CANWea, Ontario’s leading experts on wind energy! Their President has a Degree in Political Science, so in today’s perfect environmentalists world, superbly qualified to comment on the ‘science’ of industrial wind energy. Add to that the advice of a TV billionaire fruit fly scientist, Suzuki, and how can anyone doubt they should be acclaimed as the world leaders is what is best for Ontario?
    What is wrong with us? Why on earth do we continue to find reasons to actually give these people even credibility in any way at all, when they have absolutely no interests in us?
    Andrew Watts

  9. Kudos and a standing ovation to Bill Palmer and Mark Davis. A great presentation of the hard facts and truth about wind energy and the ruthless exploitation and serious danger foisted on rural Ontario by our government. The format chosen by Mark and Bill to expel the myths and rumours and present a balanced and truthful, more accurate picture of what is happening in Ontario today was received with much appreciation by the attending Mayors and Council members. Not one, not two…but ALL of the questions asked afterward to CanWEA and their friend of wind, Jutta, clearly showed that our rural representatives have educated themselves to the many pitfalls of wind energy on our economic stability province wide and the continuing assault on the health and well being of our rural populous. My observation was that CanWEA and their friend Jutta repeated wind hype and dogma in a repetitious monotone that has become all too familiar as they desperately wiggle, backpedal and struggle for a lucrative place at the Ontario public trough.

    With much gratitude,

    • Mel, thanks for this informative “fly on the wall” report.

      We would be curious to know how many municipalities, over the course of the conference, have taken Mayor April Jeffs up on her offer to discuss information related to the Wainfleet symposium.

      Please continue to keep us informed.

      • Hi ScepticalGord,
        Mayor April Jeffs of Wainfleet answered my letter of your question above. She said that over 50 people attended her hospitality suite. She said they sent out 91 emails to rural Mayors and council members with information from the earlier summit. (end)
        (Me:) It amazes me that not all 91 municiplities that have asked for a moratorium at least twice now would not all want to get together and form a common front. No entrance permits issued, Strong by-laws to enforce 2km set backs etc. Even if the wind industry sued all 91 municipalities it would save us money in the long run!

    • Mel, thanks for the report. I would have loved to hear Bill Palmer & Mark Davis speak. I wonder if Jutta will bring her hubby to remove signs at the Protest at Goderich Court House this Friday, March 1st.

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