Provincial approval given for Whittington wind farm

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A trio of new, larger wind turbines will soon dot the landscape of Amaranth Township. The province approved the Whittington Wind Project on Friday (Feb. 15). Proposed by Mississauga-based wpd Canada Corporation, the project will see three 145-metre tall wind turbines (ground to blade tip) installed on lands bordered by 20th Sideroad to the north, 15th Sideroad to the south, 2nd Line of Amaranth to the west and Mono-Amaranth Townline to the east.

“We believe the application we had was a solid application. It met all of the (province’s) requirements,” said Kevin Surette, manager of communications for wpd Canada Corporation, noting construction could begin as early as this fall. “We did all the necessary studies,” he added. “The ministry found that our work was satisfactory and decided to let us move forward.”

Amaranth Mayor Don MacIver certainly didn’t welcome news of the Whittington Wind Project’s approval. Both his municipality and Dufferin County have requested the province place a moratorium on all wind projects until results of Health Canada’s study into the potential health effects of wind turbines are known. “The province doesn’t seem to want to listen,” MacIver said. “Where is the priority in this government? Pieces of metal or people?” Read article

5 thoughts on “Provincial approval given for Whittington wind farm

  1. Detail police:
    [Excerpt]: “From the Ministry of the Environment’s perspective, the placement of wind turbines are safe, as long as they’re situated at least 550 metres away from homes, schools and churches, and don’t emit sounds higher than 40 dB.”

    In fact, I asked an MOE field manager and a bureauc rat from the MOE Environmental Approvals Branch how they could go on ignoring complaints coming from people in homes separated less than 550 metres from wind turbines, and they were quick to inform that
    the important part of the regulations are the “40 dba level.”
    Being separated a minimum of 550 metres is not important, just a bonus, it’s all about “40 dba”.

    • And would it not be wonderful if they met the 40dBA standard — but they won’t. In addition they will emit infrasound far in excess of the permitted audible level — but it “doesn’t matter” just like so much other junk climate science.

      So much of the science in Climate Research is just juvenile trash…

    • I don’t think they were looking for a return – spend – spend – spend – they have a limitless funnel that is never filtered

  2. It’s garbage. A bunch of hipsters sitting around Vapour Lounges spinning how to add steel to concrete to make money.

    Meanwhile, people like me working overtime to make up for our loss of homes, health and security.

    And people like you, helplessly spinning your wheels trying to save yourselves from these same risks.

    A real shame.

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