Why aren’t heads rolling at Ontario Power Authority?

Dalton GasAdam Radwanski, The Globe and Mail
Watching the chair and the CEO of the Ontario Power Authority squirm in the Queen’s Park media studio on Thursday afternoon, it was hard not to feel a little sorry for them. Jim Hinds and Colin Andersen are not accustomed to being grilled by reporters, and it showed – the former having to apologize at one point after calling a question about political interference “inappropriate,” both looking like they’d rather be anywhere else. Unlike most politicians they didn’t have any flacks on hand to call an end to the proceedings, so this unfortunate spectacle went on for nearly an hour.

But listening to the two men fess up over and over again to the energy-planning agency’s incompetence, it was also difficult to understand why heads are not rolling there. Given the controversy around the costly cancellation of two gas-fired power plants, and the realities of minority government, the OPA had to know that failing to comply with a legislative committee’s demands for all related documents would be disastrous. Yet they failed nonetheless, in rather spectacular fashion. Read article

6 thoughts on “Why aren’t heads rolling at Ontario Power Authority?

  1. Wasn’t the OPA supposed to be a temporary agency set up to develop an Energy Plan and then be dissolved?
    Like taxes which in 1917 were supposed to be “temporary”, when the politicians had a taste of the “host” (the people’s money), then the “political parasites” started a feast which has never stopped or diminished!

  2. what? my name funny? well if the whole lot of these folks involved called the project papers in these stupid names, it just goes to show you how much lack of respect is given to all this.

    remember the OPA was the ones that gave the whole FIT thing a go to start with. No heads will ever roll, just another scandal swept under the rug (boy that bump is the size of province by now)

  3. Feel sorry for them!?
    Puleeze. With the salaries they make they can suck it up.
    When you put on your big boy clothes and your big boy shoes, you’d better be able to handle a “grilling”.

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