Chief Medical Officer granted leave to appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal

470_arlene_king_091021Falconer Charney LLP Leave to Appeal Feb 24 2013
February 25, 2013
In the context of their “gag clause” Application, Shawn and Tricia Drennan sought to examine the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, about the “data gaps” in current studies on the health effects of wind turbines. Instead of submitting to an examination, Dr. King retained government lawyers to resist the Drennan family’s attempt to obtain her evidence.

On July 18, Justice Sanderson, of the Superior Court of Justice, granted the Drennan family the right to examine Dr. King. Justice Sanderson rejected government arguments that the Drennan family’s summons of Dr. King was an abuse. Justice Sanderson quashed the lower court ruling by Master Haberman, in which the Master was described as, amongst other things, giving too much weight to the fact that the Chief Medical Officer was a “high ranking official”.

Despite Justice Sanderson’s decision, Dr. Arlene King has refused to submit for examination regarding the “data gaps” and has been successful in seeking leave to appeal Justice Sanderson’s decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal. No date has yet been set for the appeal.

The decision of Justice Sanderson can be found at:
For more information on the Drennan Family’s application please see:
For further information please contact Odi Dashsambuu at (416) 964-3408 ext. 248)

11 thoughts on “Chief Medical Officer granted leave to appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal

  1. Does this action by King state clearly for all to see that POLITICIAN’S are ABOVE THE LAW?????…………..methinks it couldn’t any louder than that!

  2. If too much weight has been given to the fact that she is a high ranking official, then it goes without saying that the wind industry is giving too much weight to the words of Arlene King as well. They constantly use the nonsense she spewed as a way to tell people that there are no health effects from turbines. Her word should be completely stricken from the records if she cannot stand behind them in a court of law. She should be forced to resign, for not backing up the job she was paid by the taxpayers to do. She is a disgrace, and her word means NOTHING! She knows no more about the health effects from turbines than a baby knows about physics. She is a fraud.

  3. Anyone who has told the truth and only the truth should be willing to stand in a court of law and defend it. By inference she has done neither of the above.

  4. It is very difficult to get a judge to dismiss a claim if there is any (possibility of) “meat on the bone”.

    This will be interesting.

  5. Or is it the other way around with the government lawyers acting for the government who are resisting King’s testimony?

  6. I’d like to see them drag her sorry ass into that court, kicking and screaming all the way. She should have resigned and run away with the rest of the miscreants!

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