Concerns Grand Bend wind turbines could affect weather radar

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7 thoughts on “Concerns Grand Bend wind turbines could affect weather radar

  1. Something as fickle as the weather? Surely they won’t care about that. Even airports are being squeezed in by turbines. Our electronics will not function properly, none of this seems to matter where greed energy is concerned.

    • [Excerpt from University of Waterloo Quality of Life and Renewable Energy Technologies Study]

      Page 3
      … The survey will consist of questions in tables with row(s) and columns like the example question on the bottom of this page about today’s weather…


      How well does the following statement describe your feelings today?

      I’m enjoying today’s weather
      5 Agree
      4 [circled]
      3 Neutral
      1 Disagree
      __ I don’t know

      • The option “I don’t care” was not given in this example question.

      • It would be great to have a copy of the whole survey so people can see what the questions are.

      • Yes, yes, I know… I’m working on it…

  2. My understanding is that because of the effect of IWT blades on air traffic control and defense radar in the UK millions of dollars had to be spent to upgrade radar even though it was not known if this would solve the problem. One of the issues was that the vortex of the IWT blades appeared as very severe weather pattern or aircraft.

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