Group calls on premier to halt wind project

wynne2By Elaine Della-Mattia, Sault Star
A letter has been penned to Premier Kathleen Wynne asking her to intervene and “halt the further industrialization of Algoma’s iconic landscape” by ensuring the Bow Lake Wind Farm project – and others – do not proceed.

Gillan Richards, an executive member of the Save Ontario’s Algoma Region (SOAR) is asking the newly appointed premier to “help save the economic future of Algoma” and protect Lake Superior’s coast and watershed from any negative economic impact. She’s hoping the Ontario Cabinet will discuss the issue when it meets in Sault Ste. Marie Friday for its first cabinet caucus in Northern Ontario, or at the very least, raise the issue so it is on her agenda in the near future.

SOAR has been advocating against Algoma area wind projects for several years, arguing that the communities where they are proposed to be built on Crown lands should have a local say. New government legislation now offers communities and planning boards the right to comment and advocate for or against newly proposed projects, but not ones already in the process. Richards said she’s hoping that will be reconsidered and the government looks closer at the “industrialization” of the Algoma Region and see how it will impact culture and tourism. Read article

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  1. IOP Science, Published Feb.25,2013
    Environmental Research Letters, Harvard Study
    “Are global wind resource estimates overstated?”
    “Wind resource estimates that ignore the effects of wind turbulence in slowing large-scale winds may therefore substantially overestimate the wind power resource.”
    This research was funded by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

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