Keep wind turbines off moraine, group says

Oak_Ridges_Moraine_mapBy Valerie MacDonald, Northumberland Today
NORTHUMBERLAND – A grassroots organization says it will present its case about industrial wind turbines at the next Alnwick / Haldimand Township Council session in view of a pair of proposals being developed in the municipality by the same company.

If the company’s bid is successful, the first wind farm could be in operation next year. “The Alliance strenuously objects to locating turbines on the fragile ecosystem of the Oak Ridges Moraine,” the Alliance for the Protection of the Northumberland Hills states in a media release. The Alliance also “argues that the Ontario Government’s minimum 550-metre setback is insufficient to protect local residents, in particular, an estimated 250 families and two large dairy farms, from the possible adverse health effects of inaudible, ultra-low-frequency sound emitted by industrial wind turbines.”

The projects, which have been the subject of a pair of public meetings hosted by Clean Breeze Wind Park on behalf of Zero Emission People Inc., would see the erection of a least five industrial turbines 150 metres high. One would be located near Centreton and another close to Grafton. Alliance spokesperson Sarah Holland says that in addition to outlining concerns to the township council, it recently met with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Read article

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  1. Wynne is a useless piece of Liberal refuse….no sense waiting for miracles…they don’t “get it”, because money has completely blocked their brains from reason. We are being sacrificed for the benefit of the idiots in Toronto who want to waste energy and not suffer for it. NO WAY will we allow this to happen!

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