Falmouth turbines are coming down

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8 thoughts on “Falmouth turbines are coming down

  1. And this was only 3 turbines. They didn’t say how much electricity was actually produced versus the demand. In Ontario I believe the wind turbines are not able to produce more than about 2% of what’s needed.

    • The low “capacity factor” (i.e. what they produce as a percentage of nameplate rating) only affects the economics. Everyone knows wind power is very expensive.
      But the big strike against wind power, in the Ontario context, is that it displaces only a very trivial amount of coal; and we have already have a very clean system and burn little coal anyway. So there’s no benefit to the Environment to offset all the well known negative impacts.
      The Industry and the Ontario Government will try to tell us otherwise. Don’t believe it. Based upon hard facts, any such claims are simply not true.

  2. Wind turbines produce enough electricity to ‘toast bread’, but they are lining the pockets of those expanding ‘big government’. Add to this – these monsters are destroying our God given right to be happy and live peaceably in harmony with our neighbours. – These monsters are not in harmony with our environment no matter where they are planted. Only citizens can push this effort back and restrain it like the sea waters. If the citizens continue to sleep – the monsters will continue to flourish.

  3. So it wouldn`t be out of line, for municipalities to require a cash deposit, for the removal of the useless IWTs, of say $5 mil. (Canadian currency), before shovels go in the ground.
    Plus security for property devaluation, adverse health effects, etc., etc.,etc.. Better make that $15 mil./each.

    • California has 14,000 abandoned turbines with nobody taking them down. Also with the 3 turnbines which might be taken down soon in Falmouth Mass. (Cape Cod), the estimated cost to remove them is about 3 times what it cost to install.

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