ILL Wind Reporting: Sleep Disturbance ranks as #1 negative effect from living with wind turbines

ILLWINDsqlogoJust to let you know that we have reached the 400 report mark, with sleep disturbances still ranking as the number one negative effect from living with wind turbines, with 39 abandoned households.

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Colette McLean

Sleep disturbance                     148
Social disruption                       127
Headaches                               124
Audible                                    113
Low Frequency                        86
Loss of enjoyment                    83
Wind Developer                       59
Other health sym                       57
Plugged ears                             57
Ear pain                                    55
Anxiety                                    53
Unethical behaviour                  51
Unethical Behaviour gov’t          44
Displaced because of turbines   39
Depression                               39
Nausea                                     37
Heart palpitations                      36
Property rights                          34
Tinnitus                                    32
Vertigo                                     32
Reduced property values          32
Pets, livestock                          32
Balance problems                     30
Vibration                                  28
High blood pressure                  26
Flicker                                      23
Wildlife                                     22
Mechanical                               22
Difficulty focusing                      22
Health Practitioner                    22
Vibration                                  21
Unsold property                       14
Other                                       12
Interference                              10
Tower collapse                         9
Blade throw                              9
Well water                                7
Stray voltage -dirty electricity7
Land damage                            7
Flicker & light                           6
Skin irritations                           6
Turbine Fires                            5
Tourism                                    5
Lights @ night                          4
oil leaks                                    3
Children                                   3
Power surges                            3
Ice throw                                  2
Lightning strikes                        1
cardiac arrythmias                     1

8 thoughts on “ILL Wind Reporting: Sleep Disturbance ranks as #1 negative effect from living with wind turbines

  1. Good luck Ontario in your campaign v the wind turbine scam. Sadly the scam pervades the UK as successive Governments have failed to find a alternative to fossill fuels. Believe it or not we face energy blackouts in the next few years as we obey the EU and close down conventional coal fired power stations in ousuit of so called ‘green energy targets’. Hitler could not damage the UK economy like the EU is doing – and with the compliance of Cameron’s Government ( his father in law makes £1.000 per day from turbines on his country estate).

    We suffer the same impact of turbines as you do – but we have 60,000,000 people living in a country smaller than many of Canada’s individual Provinces – At best the UK is 1ooo miles long and 300 miles wide. So every turbine blights a bigger proportion of our green and pleasant land than say the USA or Canada.

    The Utiltty Companies here have persuaded municipalities who give the planning permission- that somehow turbines can solve our energy needs – even thouugh they blow only about 25% of the time. Statements of output are based on 100% working though.

    In the UK we have had THE Banking Scandal and subsequent smaller banking scandals where we have been ripped off ( no Bankers prosecuted) – the Wind Turbine Scam is just another rip off where a few are enriched, domestic energy bills are soaring and industry is being damaged irrevocably at the expense of Chinese and Indian imports who do not bear either comparative energy or labour costs. The UK is Governed now by the FEW for the FEW.

    • We try to keep up with IWT events and IWTrelated events in the UK. Here we are told by the government, developers and ENGOs that everything is fine and dandy with UK IWTs. No problems. And it appears here that most of the MSM are in bed with these factions that are forcing IWTs onto rural Ontario.

  2. According to Steve Paikin on the TVO Agenda, us extremists believe that turbines cause cancer 😉 He didn’t say where he got that information, it’s not even on this list! Paikin was discussing extremist left and right organizations that deny science. More science is all we have been asking for.

    • A gold star to Steve Paikin for understanding the link between chronic stress -> terminal illness.

      More details about this revelation?

    • Those who promote using IWTs to generate electricity are the people who are denying science. IWTs are horse-and-buggy era contraptions with a few modifications to make them a little more efficient at generating power. Come out and show people where the new technology is in these contraptions. Poles, generators and blades are not new technology.
      Gears have been around for a long time too.
      IWTs were developed to pump water but not used much anymore because they are not very efficient at pumping water. They have been replaced with electric pumps.

    • Stimulating! Steve Paikin honoured

      About TVO
      TVO is Ontario’s public educational media organization and a trusted source of interactive educational content that informs, inspires and stimulates curiosity and thought. TVO’s vision is to empower people to be engaged citizens of Ontario through educational media. TVO is funded primarily by the Province of Ontario and is a registered charity supported by sponsors and thousands of donors. For more information, visit

      TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin honoured by the Ontario Psychological Association for excellence in mental health reporting

      TORONTO, Feb. 9, 2013 /CNW/ – TVO’s flagship current affairs program, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, was honoured by the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) for excellence in reporting on psychology, mental health and addiction issues during TVO’s 2012 Mental Health Matters campaign.

  3. Steve Paikin obviously has not done proper research. He is likely on the payroll, and not allowed to say anything negative about the wind industry. He couldn’t possibly be that unintelligent or uninformed….could he?

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