Study suggests real-world generating capacity of wind farms at large scales has been overestimated
Research by Harvard professor David Keith suggests that the global capacity for energy generation from wind power has been overestimated, and that geophysical / climate effects of turbines will reduce the benefits of large-scale power installations.

“People have often thought there’s no upper bound for wind power—that it’s one of the most scalable power sources,” says Harvard applied physicist David Keith. After all, gusts and breezes don’t seem likely to “run out” on a global scale in the way oil wells might run dry. Yet the latest research in mesoscale atmospheric modeling, published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters, suggests that the generating capacity of large-scale wind farms has been overestimated.

Each wind turbine creates behind it a “wind shadow” in which the air has been slowed down by drag on the turbine’s blades. The ideal wind farm strikes a balance, packing as many turbines onto the land as possible, while also spacing them enough to reduce the impact of these wind shadows. But as wind farms grow larger, they start to interact, and the regional-scale wind patterns matter more. Read article

6 thoughts on “Study suggests real-world generating capacity of wind farms at large scales has been overestimated

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  1. Though deep into the “happy hour”, I swear that I just heard Ontario transportation minister Glen Murray, on Global News, blame the poor snow removal from the highway off-ramps in the last snow storm on, wait for it, “climate change”.

    To the powers that be: please save us from this Liberal government.

    Another shiraz, please. Make that half a dozen.

    • Well Gord, as we all know, the climate does indeed change…..winter comes, then spring, soon followed by summer, and so on… climate change can be taken in many ways. Obviously the Liberals have their own ideas on the subject. I like to call them ” the Very Convenient Lies”. Also, we’ve blown the budget on wind turbines, we can’t afford snow removal equipment….all this snow was supposed to go away with global warming anyway, but Mother Nature didn’t get the memo from Queen’s Park. Shame eh?

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