Thompson talks ROMA/OGRA, Wind Turbines and Respect for Municipalities in Legislature

rural ontario(Queen’s Park) —Today, Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) used her time in the Legislature to stand and talk about her Rural Ontario Municipalities/Ontario Good Roads Association meetings, and how municipalities deserve more respect from the provincial government.

Thompson spent Monday and Tuesday meeting with ROMA and OGRA representations, many of whom were concerned about wind turbines being forced on their municipalities by the Liberal government and the Green Energy Act. Thompson met specifically with two municipalities who are facing lawsuits from wind developers.

“The theme of the meetings was simple—industrial wind turbines are crippling rural Ontario,” said Thompson. “Municipalities should not have to be worried about being sued for changing their bylaws to support their constituents. What they need is to have their planning authority restored, and that is exactly what the PC’s will do.”

Today Thompson challenged Liberal Premier Wynne to look back on her words from the Speech from the Throne. Wynne promised to be “respectful and direct” with Ontarians—so Thompson is asking her to show respect for the health of Ontario families living within wind turbine zones and call for an immediate moratorium.

“The evidence that wind turbines cause indirect health effects continues to stack up and Ontario needs a moratorium now,” said Thompson. “We cannot afford to wait any longer—from both an economic and health standpoint. Since we have so much power here in Ontario that we are exporting to other jurisdictions, let’s hit the pause button and get this right. We have an opportunity to do the right thing and I urge the Premier to call for an immediate moratorium on industrial wind turbines in the province of Ontario.”


For more information:

Ashley Hammill

Ashley Hammill
Executive Assistant to Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce)
call: 416-325-3467

16 thoughts on “Thompson talks ROMA/OGRA, Wind Turbines and Respect for Municipalities in Legislature

  1. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had a brief opportunity to look at the
    University of Waterloo Renewable Energy Technologies and Health
    “Quality of Life and Renewable Energy Technologies Study” survey.

    It is a 32 – page booklet; 8 legal size papers, folded in half, printed front and back. Also included is a cover letter (1 page front and back) signed by

    Phil Bigelow,
    Tanya Christidis,
    Siva Sivoththaman,
    Leila Jalali MedicalDoctor,
    Mahtab Kamali,
    Susan Yates,
    Steve McColl,
    Laurie Hoffman-Goetz,
    Jane Law,
    Shannon Majowicz,
    Veronique Boscart,
    James Lane,
    Samriti Mishra,
    Claire Paller.

    Also included is a Contact Information Form on which you can select Yes or No about whether you are interested in being contacted for participation in the second part of this study.

    Also included is a self-addressed postage-paid return envelope.


    Pass this message around.
    If you have filled out any part of the study, I advise do not provide it to anybody, and get copies made of it.
    If you have already sent your survey back,,,

    You can expect this survey will go down in infamy…

    This research is unethical.

      • Also, anybody living near wind turbines or about to live near wind turbines needs to understand they face real threat of harm. IMO, you should not expose yourself or your children to these harms.

      • August 10, 2010, Minister of the Environment John Gerretsen
        “The [Ontario Research] Chair [in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health at University of Waterloo] will develop and publish a body of research on the potential health effects of renewable energy technology beginning with studies that extend current knowledge of potential health effects related to energy from wind, build networks with other researchers and research bodies in Canada and internationally, and contribute to public understanding and policy development in the area of potential health effects of renewable energy technologies.”

        March 8, 2012, Energy Minister Chris Bentley
        “We stand for the health studies and the health advice from the medical officers of health of both Ontario and Canada, and countless other studies out there that make it clear that it is safe and that we’ve taken the appropriate steps.”

        March 8, 2012, MPP Bob Delaney:
        “Wind energy is a benign technology with no associated emissions, no harmful pollutants and no waste products… Wind turbines are far less noisy than normal office interiors and far less noisy than the interior of our cars…

      • Dr. Sivoththaman, a faculty member at the University of Waterloo, was awarded the research chair position in 2010, following an independent and competitive application process, administered by theCouncil of Ontario Universities. He is an internationally known scientist in the field of renewable energy.

        Dr. Sivoththaman and his team are:………

        TORONTO, Feb. 16 /CNW/ – The Council of Ontario Universities (COU) is pleased to announce the outcome of the competition for three research chairs in environmental science, funded by the Government of Ontario.

        The Ontario Research Chairs Selection Panel has advised COU President Bonnie M. Patterson that the Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health has been awarded to the University of Waterloo and its candidate, Dr. Siva Sivoththaman. The two Ontario Research Chairs in Green Chemistry and Engineering have been awarded to Queen’s University and its candidate, Dr. Michael Cunningham, and to Trent University and its candidate, Dr. Suresh Narine.

        Oh yeah………….Gerretsen.
        “I would like to thank the Council of Ontario Universities for its work in completing this process,” said Environment Minister John Gerretsen. “Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Narine will play an important role in developing the green chemistry sector of the economy and will contribute to Ontario becoming a world leader in this field. I am also happy to hear that Dr. Sivoththaman will be assuming his responsibilities shortly and will be actively monitoring and providing the latest in scientific research and data about any possible health impacts of renewable energy. I welcome the three Chairs and look forward to a positive working relationship in the coming months,” Minister Gerretsen added.

    • With the number of signatures on the letter, implying too many fingers in the pie and lack of clarity of responsibilities, they will probably spend most of the time and budget having meetings and co-ordinating one another!!

      • At the end of the cover letter there’s 14 names and one scribbly-mark in pen.

        They must be swearing in “blood”.

        University of Waterloo Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Research Group
        Phil Bigelow, PhD
        Steve McColl, PhD
        Laurie Hoffman-Goetz, PhD
        Jane Law, PhD
        Shannon Majowicz, PhD
        Siva Sivoththaman, PhD
        Mahtab Kamali, PhD
        Veronique Boscart, RN, PhD
        Leila Jalali, MD
        Susan Yates, MSc, RN
        Tanya Christidis, MSc
        James Lane, MSc Candidate
        Samriti Mishra, MSc Candidate
        Claire Paller, MSc Candidate

        Nuremberg Code
        The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential…The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

      • At the ROMA conference in Toronto on Tuesday, PC Leader Tim Hudak slams McGuinty energy policies: “wind power a failed experiment, …a series of deliberate choices that failed…”

      • Miss Manners – clearing the air

        Next month’s dinner comes as the new leader is trying to clean up the mess she inherited from predecessor McGuinty over cancelled gas-fired plants in Mississauga and Oakville that cost taxpayers at least $230 million.

        “I’ve been clear that I was not in the room where the decision was made,” the premier said Wednesday.

        “I was not part of the decision to cancel that gas plant, but that I’m part of the government and the implications of that and the activities and the costs associated with that obviously came to cabinet and I was part of cabinet.”

        Private energy companies were among the big donors to Wynne’s recent Liberal leadership campaign.

        According to Elections Ontario, Bruce Power and Niagara Region Wind Corporation each contributed $5,000; Northland Power forked over $3,500; Samsung Renewable Energy gave $2,000; and Enbridge Gas Distribution donated $1,000.

        With an election expected later this year, all political parties are scrambling to raise money.

      • Bing – A – Low ………wants to ‘balance’ – the science.

        ‘[excerpt] To balance the study, a group of people who don’t live anywhere near turbines will be included. Bigelow said the team ideally hopes to study people in areas where turbines are planned, then follow up with them after the turbines are up and running. “Those people we really want to follow up with.”‘

        I think he just wants to get into your bedroom!

  2. Perhaps they can study the effects of smoking large quantities of cigarettes on toddlers. The cigarettes can be forced on these unfortunate creatures, for the good of the rest of the province. We can use the rural children, so that the city people don’t have to be exposed, and the children should come from Conservative families. And if these poor kids are seen to be suffering….we can blame it on the fact that the kids don’t like the look of the cigarettes, do not want cigarettes in their back yard, or are imagining their symptoms, because other kids have complained to them about similar effects from their cigarettes. Gee, with brilliant strategies like these, I could be running the Liberal Party! no?

  3. If you were running the Liberal Party, you could donate your salary to wind refugees. If our current premier really cares about her constituents (i.e. the whole province), she will establish an emergency fund to help those harmed by industrial wind. And she will sweeten the pot by donating her salary.

    This may sound silly – but she does claim to be “hands on”, and to care so very deeply.

  4. I think the salaries of ALL the Liberals should be donated to the victims of their scam. They have not been doing their jobs, and do not deserve to receive compensation anyway.

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