Dr. Arlene King(pin)


14 thoughts on “Dr. Arlene King(pin)

  1. I wonder how many $5000.00 plates she will consume at our expense, and don`t forget to pass the green kool-aid. Perhaps Karma will provide food poisoning in the seafood.

    • Great comment 1957chev…..
      I’m sure the background music won’t be *Turbines In The Wind*.

      I sure would love to be a fly on that wall !

      I can almost hear those energy czars telling McWynnety, KingPin, and Mr. Chiarelli how they need to be aggressive and move forward on these projects.
      After all, those rural *peons* don’t know what they are talking about regarding the health effects of IWT and that shouldn’t get in the way of progress — Blah, Blah, Blah.

      Yeah, a double dose of food poisoning is definitely in order!

  2. Both Dr. Arlene (Fullacrap) and US Surgeon General Obama Stooge Dr. Regina Benjamin ought to take a long trip in the same leaky boat.

  3. I’m just thinking that if the Drennan case gets squashed tomorrow then Arlene KingPin will also come out of hiding. Her Boss Hoggishness will be back at the green trough quicker than an eagle’s nest can be relocated.

    Just saying
    Keep your stick on your sign

  4. Actually, to put a positive spin on this hulking mass of ineptitude and failure, King does one single thing that may be beneficial to the good of the Province. I had a T Shirt with the following phrase on it………………. “set a bad example and no one will follow”!

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