Energy sector executives hosting $5,000-a-plate fundraiser for Kathleen Wynne

Private energy companies were among the big donors to Wynne’s recent Liberal leadership campaign. According to Elections Ontario, Bruce Power and Niagara Region Wind Corporation each contributed $5,000; Northland Power forked over $3,500; Samsung Renewable Energy gave $2,000; and Enbridge Gas Distribution donated $1,000.

High-rollers in the energy sector are being invited to an exclusive $5,000-a-head fundraiser Premier Kathleen Wynne, Torstar News Service has learned. Hosted by power industry executives, the March 27 event promises to be an intimate affair at the chi-chi Rosewater on Toronto St.

The three-course dinner “with everyone seated around a single table” will be a chance for well-heeled insiders to rub shoulders with Wynne and newly minted Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli. Read article

27 thoughts on “Energy sector executives hosting $5,000-a-plate fundraiser for Kathleen Wynne

    • Indeed, however the conservatives were only worth $2000 a plate. So if you want to buy a local pol… think conservatively.

      • We could buy two and a half Conservatives for the price of one Liberal….and I suppose the NDP are priceless…as long as you have a union membership. hmmmm, you know with budget restraints and all, we can`t really afford the liberals, or their useless turbines. The NDP`s are owned by the unions, so lets just hope that by some miracle, everyone in the cities votes Conservative. Wha..could happen, if people consider that they are the lesser of the evils. It doesn`t cost anything to dream!

  1. Wouldn’t it be grand if we all pitched in $2 and had a fundraiser at a farm kitchen table so she could hear the unpaid lobbyists from our side?
    Just think – she could also hear the background noise and smell the b*llsh*t

    • Great point and I’d pitch in $5… ;o)
      Oh believe me, there will be a lot of b*llsh*t flying at her dinner from Niagara Region Wind Corporation and various other energy companies. I just fired off an email expressing my shock over this entire “fundraiser” asking her to do the right thing and NOT attend. After all, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here. These folks are bought and paid for and her attendance is sending a strong message.

      If all else fails…. signs and protestors should line the entrance to their star studded event….. perhaps blasting the lovely sounds of wind turbines as soothing background noise while they chow down their $5,000 a plate meal.

  2. This is more like a “coming out party” for Bob Chiarelli who will be introduced to the Windies so they know who to look for when they “visit” his office inside Queen’s Park for their bags of cash set aside by the Energy office.
    If you do enough research inside the Lobby Registry you will find that some lobbying done with Smitherman was on a Sunday at Queen’s Park. I didn’t know anyone worked on a Sunday inside the Pink Building except for the janitors who have to muck out the stalls every weekend after the mess left by politicos during the week!

    • I think they have had enough coming out parties at QP. Some one ought to shove these morons back into the closet, and lock the door!! Shudder….those poor, poor janitors.

  3. Perception of an industry fund raiser is that
    of influence peddling. Given the kaos of the
    energy sector and the yet unresolved gas
    plant fiasco, discretion would not seem to
    be one of Wynne’s strong points.

    • This isn’t about “discretion”, it’s about “transparency”! Look she’s laundering–oops! I mean, taking–money right in front of us! She isn’t even hiding it. Kudos to Kathleen for her honesty.

  4. Kathleen Wynne said the rural communities will have a say in the placement of these turbines. I don`t think she really wants to hear what we have to say, because she knows we would tell her where to shove those turbines. The only people who want them, are the people who think they will benefit financially by inflicting these useless machines on OTHER people. We cannot afford to let this scam continue on any longer. We are being sold out to the private companies by our own government. Corruption at it`s vilest.

  5. It has been discussed that we, the people, in a show of support for the sufferers, of corrupt Liberal policies, and equally corrupt wind pimps, should attend Kathleen Wynne`s $5.000.00 a plate dinner. We could all line up against the windows surrounding the dining room, and show them the many moons of rural Ontario. At least they could feel like they were getting their monies worth!!! I guess we could say it was their just desserts…..

  6. Where is the outrage that our Premier will be so blatant as to attend and accept money from Wind Lobbyist. It is a disgrace. It is a slap in the face to not only Rural Ontario but all Ontario. If she attends, she is thumbing her nose at us along with the Wind Lobbyist.She will owe them BIG. We should be there by the bus loads to let her and her Lobbyist friends know this will not be tolerated.

    • Wynne claims she goes to alot of these dinners….and that is supposed to make it better……Corruption is no better because you do it more often.

  7. We know how to talk to business leaders – dinner with Orsi

    Top McGuinty ministers dined with Italian aviation chief accused of bribery scheme

    ‘[excerpt] But taxpayers picked up the $1,215.20 tab for the dinner at a trattoria in Toronto’s tony Yorkville neighbourhood.’

    ‘[excerpt] Ms. Pupatello was surprised to learn that AgustaWestland did not pay for the meal.
    “I just presumed they were taking us to dinner,” she said.’

    ‘[excerpt] “It was a bizarre meeting,” Mr. Duncan said in an interview,……’

    ‘[excerpt] Mr. Duncan and Ms. Pupatello were invited to the dinner by Alfred Apps, a former key legal adviser to Ornge. However, Mr. Apps presented a very different take on what transpired.

    “So far as I can recall,” Mr. Apps said in an e-mail,…….’

    Save driving………………..
    Berlusconi Tells Italian Firms to Keep Bribing After Orsi Arrest

    Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi criticized prosecutors for arresting Finmeccanica SpA’s ex-chief executive officer, Giuseppe Orsi, and said global companies that shun graft are destined to fall behind.

    “Bribes are a phenomenon that exists and it’s useless to deny the existence of these necessary situations,” Berlusconi, 76, said today in a televised interview on state broadcaster RAI3. “These are not crimes. We’re talking about paying a commission to someone in that country. Why, because those are the rules in that country.”

    • Those are the countries that have corrupt governments and this is how business is done in these countries. Pay-to-play and in the end these governments go down whether they be local or national governments.

    • On ‘Perception’ – Ontario is bankrupt – and, maybe too poor to be honest.

      ‘[excerpt] India’s anti-corruption movement raised hopes of a better future, one in which a minister would not feel free to tell government officials it’s okay for them to “steal a little’

      ‘[excerpt] India clearly has a corruption problem. On Transparency International’s 2012 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which ranged from Denmark (1) to Somalia (174), India ranked 94th. In Transparency’s 2010 survey of 1,000 Indian urbanites, 54 per cent said they’d paid a bribe in the preceding year, more than twice the world average. And 74 per cent said corruption had worsened in the preceding three years.’

      ‘[excerpt] Some say India is too poor to be honest.’

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