LSARC greets Wynne in Sault Ste Marie

LSARC requested a 5 minute meeting with the Premier Designate who wants to hear Northern views but apparently not when they don’t agree with the Liberal Platform as she did not even manage to politely refuse so we spoke in pictures along her route to luncheon at the Bushplane museum. The SSM City Police were there to keep the peace and witnessed the negotiation which went on as the bus idled in traffic.

There was no blockade though the OWR “STOP THE WIND TURBINES” were strategically posted at street corners. The negotiation between the Office of the Premier minion and LSARC member was because of the one sign (in photo) demanding the return of Democracy. The bus only advanced into the parking lot when the sign was placed behind the BAN GREED ENERGY kayak in exchange for the promise that the minion would deliver to Wynne’s assistant the DVD of Voices of Prince Township and Bow Lake/Threatened watershed. The offending sign later made an appearance in other hands.

11 thoughts on “LSARC greets Wynne in Sault Ste Marie

  1. Rural McWynnty will be watching your DVD with bated breath, I am sure. Just as soon as she finishes milking the cows. Gitty up!
    Seriously. I hope she does. But don’t count on it.

  2. Not holding breath, the dude did not even have a business card so was pretty low on the food chain.
    The cop was funny, he said he would not tell if we did pick up the sign again, I think he liked it.

  3. Good job LSARC. Shame on McWynnty for not granting 5 minutes to talk to you. She seemed to have some time for us when she was still a candidate for leadership. Those days are over very quickly, aren’t they?

  4. Nice to hear that the canoe made an appearance. Good job LSARC, I sure hope Princess McWynnty saw it. Maybe a First Nation Princess should’ve been sitting in the canoe. Interesting happenings on Manitoulin Island re” statement/request made by Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reaerve etc.My birth certificate says I am a member of the Manitoulin Island Reserve. I love it.

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