Wind turbine protestors outside Goderich courthouse

GoderichCTV London : Protestors were outside the Huron County Court House in Goderich Friday morning as the K2 Wind farm goes on trial.  Inside, the courtroom was full with at least 100 people in attendance.  Locals want a proposed wind farm near Goderich stopped and they have filed an injunction in court to do so.

Arguments Friday morning from the province suggest Shawn and Trisha Drennans’ injunction request should be dismissed because there is an environmental tribunal panel to deal with turbine issues.

The Drennans want the project halted until a health study is completed, but the province is siding with the wind company and wants the injunction quashed.

Anti-wind turbine advocates rallying outside the hearing carried signs that read, ‘Stop the wind turbines’ and ‘Rural landowners deserve democracy.’

Arguments are expected to continue all day and a decision will likely not be made on Friday.  Read article

8 thoughts on “Wind turbine protestors outside Goderich courthouse

  1. Nice turnout! Thanks to all who participated on a cold March day.
    Now you know where the present government stands on IWT issues. Sorry for all those who thought things were going to be different now.

    • The judge will make his decision as soon as he can. We all left the courtroom today 4:30pm. Personally, I was impressed with Julian Falconer’s arguments regarding the REA approval = an ‘on-ramp’ for the wind turbines, & that so far no IWT project has not received REA approval. He stated that Nuisance elevates this case, that these IWTs are being forced on the Drennans by the state & by the wind company. Kent Breeze has admitted ‘we don’t know’ about adverse effects (the absence of knowledge), but go ahead regardless. Mr. Falconer gave very good examples of other cases which were heard based on Probable Future Nuisance.

  2. Environmental tribunal panel is a sham created by this government to create a “Catch 22” situation. The court need to step up and give wind turbines a real trial. People need to be represented by law, not just government.

  3. Watch the video and then make a comment on the CTV website……………..the “farmers” who were interviewed with a CANWEA wind turbine spinning in their dining room have to know how despicable they are for selling out their neighbours to this heinous corrupt Industry!!!

  4. Falconer was brilliant. It was a pleasure watching his arguement unfold. There was good support inside and outside today with lots of signs and people from as far away as Toronto, West Lincoln, Middlesex and Collingwood. Mr. Falconer told the court that some were having difficulty hearing the proceedings. The judge invited people to move into the jury boxes alongside the whole thing so we were able to see and hear very clearly. Thankyou Trish and Shawn for undergoing this ordeal on behalf of all of us. Fingers are crossed.

  5. It was a wonderful day, and well worth the 3 1/2 hour drive. Jules Falconer mentioned the futility of the ERT’s, the FOI exposing the knowledge that the MOE had of health effects, and the subsequent cover-up. He talked about Arlene King refusing to testify, and basically there was no disputing the fact the IWT’s can indeed cause harm. The only argument the windlawyers had, was that the case was premature, and should be first heard at the ERT stage. Of course, Jules Falconer was able to counter very well, that out of four years worth of ERT’s, only 3 had had any result, and they were all for SINGLE turbines. (obviously not a large amount of money at stake there!) It is the first time I’ve seen a Judge show some understanding, and even possibly sympathy for what people are going through, rather than showing disdain, for something or someone, you know nothing about, (as alot of them seem to do.) The tide does indeed seem to be turning, even if not as quickly as we might like. Hope the Judge goes with his conscience….

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