Fighting wind

266397_634977464014661109By Jeff Labine, Thunder Bay News Watch
Chantelle Bryson is accusing Horizon Wind Inc. of using bully tactics in an attempt to force its application to build a wind farm on the Nor’Wester mountain range forward. Meanwhile, Fort William First Nation Chief Peter Collins said he’ll fight the project tooth-and-nail.

Bryson, a Thunder Bay lawyer, made her statement on Friday during a presentation to the Thunder Bay District Municipal League conference. Horizon filed a notice of application for judicial review against the Ontario Ministry of the Environment early last month. In its notice of intent, the Toronto-based company accused the province of delaying the renewal energy application approval process, a step it needs to start building turbines. Horizon has until Sept. 2, 2014 to have at least one turbine built, under terms agreed to with the City of Thunder Bay.

Bryson, representing herself, said she’d prefer the province take its time and get it right. “Once it is deemed complete, the rest of the process is a foregone conclusion,” Bryson said. “It is over. There’s no room to maneuver. Once it is deemed complete it is just borrowing without substance.” Read article

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