K2 Wind project subject of court fight

GoderichPaul Cluff, London Free Press
GODERICH – Shawn and Trish Drennan got some vocal support before heading into the Huron County Courthouse for another round of a legal battle against a proposed wind farm in their home community. About 75 protestors gathered outside the Huron County Courthouse early Friday to voice their opposition to wind turbines. The Drennans are fighting the proposed K2 Wind project, which could see upwards of 140 turbines erected in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Township. It’s a provincewide issue.

“It is really important that were are here today, said Lorrie Gillis, of Flesherton, in Grey County. “There are 91 communities now who are saying no to turbines. But the new Wynne government seems determined to carry on with this. We use every means possible to fight this.”

Stan Franjkovic said the Bornish project near his home in Parkhill has raised big concerns for community members, including health issues and declining property values. Franjkovic, a realtor for 25 years, is angry with the Liberal government. Franjkovic said he left communism behind in the former Yugoslavia only to “find it again” in Canada. Read article

4 thoughts on “K2 Wind project subject of court fight

  1. An ever-increasing number of people are realizing how unfair and unethical the governments stand on wind development is. We have given up democracy, for a useless, inefficient, overpriced form of energy. Has the world gone mad? Time to put an end to this….one way or another.

  2. It is apparent that we need legal action to stop this infiltration of so called ‘green energy’ into our communities. Why can’t the government bite the bullet and put the turbines into remote, totally unpopulated areas for a trial? Iinstead, they are using populated areas for their experiments. Totally unfair. Perhaps we need to force an election and get the Liberal provincial government out.

  3. Wealth before Health is the new mantra. Industrial Wind Turbines could become the Love Canal of the 21st century or the New Thalidomide!

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