Meeting Sat. morning in Bethany to deliver petitions

Bethany protestDUE TO UNEXPECTED INTEREST EVENT MOVED TO ACCOMMODATE PARKING ……..TO ROLLING HILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL ( Parking Lot…..dress warmly ) 694 Hwy 7A Bethany Ontario L0A1A0 (corner of Hwy 7A and Hwy 35)

MEET DALE GOLDHAWK of 740 AM in Toronto whose investigative journalism continues to expose Industrial Wind Turbines as the absolute fraud they are at Rolling Hills Public School parking lot TODAY at 11:30 a.m.

In addition to thanking Laurie Scott for her efforts at the Legislature, we will be giving Laurie our latest petitions and letters of objection to the Sumac Ridge, Snowy Ridge, and Settler’s Landing industrial wind projects. She will be submitting these to the Legislature at her first opportunity. And please come out to thank Dale for educating urban Ontario, and for staying the course. Heather Stauble, COKL Councillor who works tirelessly for us will be on hand as well.

Could as many people as possible take a few minutes ( very fast in and out ) from your busy Saturday to come by and show your support while we provide our parliamentary representative with the documented evidence of our objections to the carpet bombing of this area , and the whole damn province ! This was meant to be a 10 minute ” petitions hand off” with our local MPP………………now a fast party in the parking lot ?

Even Barry Devolin , our Federal MP is dropping by . Maybe he’ll have a few words for us on how he might try some real pressure on the Province to hit the pause button while they put some meat on the bone of WynneSpeak about ” willing hosts”, and/or “Municipal input” regarding the siting of IWTs .

Come to think about it……..maybe Jeff Leal , our new Agriculture Minister might stop by and explain ?

What a great world that would be. All of our elected officials at every level of government getting together to address a common sense issue : INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES & HOMES DON”T MIX

Please let me know if you can come by ? Would love a rough idea of numbers. If press happens to be there we need a good showing !!!

Paul R.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Sat. morning in Bethany to deliver petitions

  1. INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES & HOMES DON”T MIX and the back room deals that big nasty rich corporations waving there cash and perks and gag orders and neighbour against neighbour tactics. these Wind pimps are parasites entering and polluting our communities. they take and rob and hurt our communities that will be hard to rebuild after these pimps leave with us to clean up after them.

  2. Just to let folks know, the meeting went very well with at least a couple hundred locals taking time for this quickly put together event. We even had a few folks from Southern Ontario there to support us as well. Thank you.

    Dale Goldhawk was there and it was very apparent he is well versed ( as many of you already know ) with the subject of wind turbines and did an excellent job of covering this event. Other local media showed up as well to cover the event.

    Our councilor Heather Stauble, MPP Laurie Scott and MP Barry Devolin all made it out and spoke to the folks with knowledge during this event. Good to see Ms Scott and Mr Devolin are up to speed with the wind issues and are fighting hard for our interests. Mrs Stauble has been there for us since the beginning and fights tirelessly.

    The only one missing was Liberal MPP Jeff Leal, Minister of Rural Affairs. Odd that he wouldn’t show up since after all the Liberals say they want to listen to us in rural Ontario. Maybe next time.

    Thank you to everyone. We’ll keep fighting this Wind issue until it is properly dealt with.

    • Unfortunately, the liberals only want to hear fro the rural folks after these unfortunate victims figure out how good having the torture of wind turbines surrounding them, could somehow, be construed as a “good thing”.Perhaps I could see some value in wind turbines, IF, they were placed in Toronto, and each blade had a bunch of liberals and wind-pushers strapped to it. I might even learn to love it!

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