Resident wants to send a message to Mayor

IMG_1719Jennifer Vo, The Sachem
At least 100 people packed the cafeteria of the Cayuga Secondary School to learn about how they could join in the revolt against paying taxes. Marnie Knight from Selkirk, a social activist in the county, led the public meeting on February 21.

The session started off with Knight trying to illustrate what she called council’s lack of integrity. “I’m a huge believer in integrity and I don’t see that happening,” said Knight. “Most of our politicians don’t even know how to spell the word.” She said she’s comfortable taking on the mayor and council to stand up for people’s rights.

The public meeting eventually turned into an information sharing session with members of the public taking over the microphone to talk about how they felt Rural Haldimand was being attacked including the installation of turbines, recent removal of the eagle nest in Fisherville and the increasing water and wastewater rates for bulk water users. Councillor Craig Grice, who attended the meeting just before his fire station meeting in Byng, spoke up and said the water rates affect all of the users equally. That comment stirred the crowd with members of the public standing up to challenge the councillor.

Knight brought the meeting back to order and said the most recent hit to Rural Haldimand included the possible closure of three fire stations. She ridiculed the $25,000 Pomax study and said that Mayor Ken Hewitt was “hiding” in the audience at the first fire station meeting held at the county administration building. “I don’t see our council standing up for anyone,” said Knight, adding that she felt council members had ulterior motives.

The session reverted back to its original intent when someone in the audience asked about the tax revolt. “For three years, they can’t legally touch your house,” said Knight about not paying property taxes. She suggested that everyone put a halt on paying their full taxes, but instead write the county a cheque for $10 a month, which “shows that the homeowner is genuinely making an effort.” Read article

6 thoughts on “Resident wants to send a message to Mayor

  1. A tax revolt is developing across Rural Ontario…………..we have had enough stupidity and ignorance from our local Councils who don’t seem to fathom the reality that WE PAY THEIR WAGES to manage our money properly and represent OUR wishes, not theirs!!!!………this “entitlement” attitude is disgusting and has to stop now…………………possibly someone could open a discussion on a legal and safe way to withhold taxes!
    I heard one person stating that with the taxes they were withholding, they were paying down their credit cards!………………….now that seems brilliant!

    • All you need to do is just not pay the property taxes due. There is no law that says you must pay your property taxes because property taxes are levied against the real property and not the person.
      After 3 years of unpaid property taxes the property can be sold for the amount of back taxes and interest owed. But the property owner is usually notified and given the opportunity to pay the back taxes or make arrangements to do so.
      It’s the third year back tax that must be paid so that you then are only two years delinquent in taxes owed.
      If there is going to be an informational meeting on this subject then have a lawyer who deals with real property tax issues to explain these issues. Most of the local lawyers are experienced in real estate matters as this is part of their regular legal practice.
      You can’t be fined or put in jail for not paying your real property taxes.
      There are two kinds of property real estate and personal property. Personal property is everything else you own except your real estate.

  2. Legal is all legalize a form of foreign language that the law society belongs to. We do not belong to this society unless your from the bar. Plus it is not common law English or regular English so we the mass cannot understand properly. Which is intimidating.
    Lawfully they cannot throw you out your shelter without consent,they will badger you and tell you in legalize and threats.
    Consent is the biggest factor but you do have dominion over fictions,public servants especially when they are not helping in keeping you safe.
    Legal and lawful big difference. Common law and natural law thumbs up

  3. Brilliant – go for it people. Maybe people from other municipalities should be doing the same.

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