Premier Wynne’s candour needs work

IMG_1768Toronto Sun Editorial
[excerpt] But there’s another aspect of this scandal Wynne hasn’t addressed. Why, while the Liberals were heeding the objections of people living in Oakville and Mississauga to gas plants, did they ignore and vilify people living in rural Ontario, who were objecting to industrial wind turbines being located in their communities?

Let’s be clear. The purpose of the Liberals’ gas plant expansion program was exactly the same as the one for their industrial wind turbine expansion program. It was to replace Ontario’s coal-fired power plants with alternative forms of electricity generation.

Why then, did the Liberals heed concerns expressed by people living in Oakville and Mississauga with regard to living next to gas plants, while mocking as “NIMBYS” people across Ontario who objected to living next to industrial wind turbines? (NIMBYS, meaning “not in my back yard syndrome” is a derogatory term used to imply someone is unreasonably and irrationally standing in the way of progress.)

Why did the Liberals respect local input in Oakville and Mississauga, while stripping away the planning rights of local municipalities when it came to locating industrial wind turbines?Finally, why did the Liberals lie? Read article

14 thoughts on “Premier Wynne’s candour needs work

  1. Wynne regards rural citizens as similar to cattle, made for abuse and without the delicate sensibilities of her urban voters who will delight in voting for a lesbian, regardless of policies, ethics or common sense.

    • I can assure you our livestock gets more respect and care than many
      rural folks about to be surrounded by IWTs. A well cared for animal is going to produce more, grow better, etc. Not to mention that it is the right thing to do.

      • I bet they do !! However, a sick caregiver (farmer) will no longer be able to care for the animals that this Province depends upon for their food production. Not to mention these IWT will undoubtedly have serious consequences alone on the health of these animals across all farming communities.
        The McWynnety government is not thinking this through.

  2. A geologist displays candor… How has media manipulation figured in the climate change debate?

    Dave Summers: As long as journalists are advocates rather than reporters the true story will not emerge. The lack of journalistic challenge in the mainstream media to the deliberate deception employed in hiding the decline in temperature prediction accuracy with the tree rings which dropped just as temperatures were rising, thus invalidating the “hockey stick,” was an early indication that media manipulation was going to be a critical factor in this debate.

    How long must global temperatures remain relatively stable before someone brings this up as a front page story? The amount of money involved with those who espouse anthropogenic causes of climate change dwarfs the funding that has gone to those who raise questions when so many papers so this “may” happen, and that “might” occur. And those who pay the bills . .

    Then of course there has been the hijacking of government… but that’s no big deal…

    Of course CNBC has been doing their very best to educate us. Right? MSNBC even more so…

    And so there will be many, many more Industrial Wind Turbines — the higher the better — right? Refreshing Sleep will become a thing of the past for rural inhabitants… (You heard it here first!)

    Just sayin’

    • Media manipulation – General Electric owns or
      has significant ownership in media outlets like
      NBC, CNBC, MSNBC etc….

    • And the Liberal Party of Ontario states why snow removal from highways is difficult: “climate change”. Very weird times right now. Substitute the word God for “Green”, or “climate change”.

      • Oh how the stupid burns with such a fierce light. I thought you were kidding…
        Even Liberal MPP Steven Del Duca, who represents the riding of Vaughan, said his constituents have expressed concern about snow removal.

        “I know that our government makes every effort to keep our roads safe. However, there are concerns in my riding of Vaughan that in recent years, standards for snow removal have declined,” Del Duca complained.

        Murray said climate change [TM by Alarmist & Co.] has helped create chaotic weather conditions that make snow removal trickier.

        A winter of little precipitation might be followed by a winter of large snow falls and then melts, he added.

        “So the challenges are certainly greater than they were before,” Murray insisted.(Transportation Minister Glen Murray )

        OK, so this winter is really different than last winter so that makes it more difficult to shovel snow this winter. Maybe now last winter is worse too — eh? Follow that? I didn’t.

        Did you guys follow that logic? This guy is a Cabinet Minster? May we be spared any further inanity’s from this crock of MPPs.

        So this is why they support IWT’s. Do you follow that logic? It seems to be true that Glo-bull-oney Change affects everything. We can agree on that much. Now can we change governments?

        Please spare us from further Candor!

      • Minister Murray must be some applying some of that Liberal “Winter-Peggyen” logic he brought he brought with him from Manitoba to Ontario. Either that, or he’s been drinking too much of that green Kool-Aid again

        Keep your stick on your sign

      • Provides a convienent excuse for why something/anything isn’t done. Just blame it on climate change and then you are no longer responsible for the work you have done or were supposed to do.

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