Tory MPP says high electricity costs kill job creation

Bob-BaileyPaul Morden, Sarnia Observer
A wind energy association is disputing Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey’s claim wind energy isn’t affordable. Bailey and Ontario’s PCs have said they will cancel the Feed in Tariff program the Liberal government has used to attract wind and other renewable energy projects to the province. “We want to return electricity generation and power generation in Ontario to be a job producer, and not a social policy to try and get people to support wind turbine-generated electricity,” Bailey said.

The Tories point to the Feed in Tariff program, and the province’s Global Adjustment charge, as causing rising electricity prices the party says harm Ontario’s manufacturing sector. “We see industry, already, taking another look at where they’re going to locate,” Bailey said. “We’ve lost a lot of industry to Quebec and our neighbours.”

Robert Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association, said comments by Bailey and the PC’s “perpetuate the myth that wind and renewable energy is the driving force behind electricity prices increases in the province.” Read article

16 thoughts on “Tory MPP says high electricity costs kill job creation

  1. Hornung should be “blacklisted” from any comments in any newspaper…………..he’s just like McGuinty……reverse everything he says and you get the truth!

  2. PC MPP Bob Bailey talks “honour” and “mitigation”.

    “Existing contracts with wind companies would be honoured.

    “If there’s a wind tower up and it’s working, we’ll honour it,” MPP Bailey said.

    “If it’s not up yet, we’re going to take a look at those and see how we can mitigate those contracts.”

    Hornung said the wind energy industry “would expect that any government respects existing contracts that are in place.”

    • The contracts need to be looked at to see how they were obtained. Handing out provincial contracts worth millions to well conected fat-cats can be illegal and the contracts null & void.

      • First there would have to be an investigation into the circumstance under which a contract was awarded. Then if anything illegal is discovered charges are laid.
        Influence peddling is illegal for one thing. If money or favours are involved this is illegal also just to give you a couple of examples. Fraud is another area that can be investigated. But this would involve law enforcement and/ or the provincial parliament can look into provincial contracts and at the federal level if federal money is involved.

  3. This is information that all of the parties have, but only the conservatives have chosen to deal with the problems. The rest are self-interested jerks, who could care less about the rural people who are suffering because of their draconian policies. Don’t forget good old Andrea Horwath, who always backs up the Lieberals. They are complicit in the scam.

    • It was not a good idea for Hudak to attend a fund raiser maybe put on by the very same people who are in the wind business. It’s ok to meet with them but a fund raising event raises a lot of questions.

  4. Whore(n) – ugh!……….oops……ung
    ‘[excerpt] What his industry will be looking for is to see if there is a “continued interest” in wind and renewable energy in Ontario, Hornung said.

    “The industry has certainly worked with many different types of procurement mechanisms and has succeeded in many different places with them.”’

    I love phonics!

  5. Ah yes, the Liberal GEA scammers at work, taking from the poor and giving it to your rich corporate buddies.

    Almost the same scheme as Foreign Aid
    Taking from the poor in rich countries and giving it to the rich in poor countries

    The new name for electricity as the price increases will be ”unobtanium”

    Keep your stick on your sign

  6. When a turbine is causing health issues the MOE should shut it down permanently for being out of compliance, then we would not have to pay them anything. Excess wind power would be gone, the wind industry in Ontario would be gone because we all know there’s hardly any turbines that aren’t causing problems

  7. What about all of the poor saps who already have turbines planted around their homes?
    Collateral damage?

    • I suggest a huge tractor pull. First group to haul down the turbine wins! (A little TNT around the base should loosen it like a baby tooth!) We would be doing it for the greater benefit, as they like to say in Windfantasyland.

  8. “If it’s not up yet, we’re going to take a look at those and see how we can mitigate those contracts.”
    Doesn’t sound promising. My concern is that facing certain defeat in the upcoming election, Liberals will move to get as many projects as possible approved and shovel ready. This to ensure it will be too costly for the next government to alter the contracts. Having no mandate whatever in rural Ont, this should not be possible, but Liberals will try it anyway. Unfortunately the NDP will not be inclined to stop them.

  9. NoTricksZone, Mar.5,2013
    “German Doubts Over Renewable Energies Skyrocket …”
    Only 9% of Germany’s population believes it’s possible to cover Germany’s energy demands with only renewable sources. This is down from the 2011 figure of 39%. Support for renewable energy there is rapidly erroding.
    People in Germany want affordable energy.

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