Turbine towns band together

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Those attending last Friday’s Wainfleet Township green energy symposium are hoping it’s the start of a productive relationship. More than 20 municipalities took part in Friday’s symposium, which was held at the Jericho House in Wainfleet. The township organized the symposium with the hopes of developing strategies for dealing with, and creating a united voice against wind turbine projects. “It’s a great turnout of like-minded municipalities at the table,” said mayor April Jeffs.

Representatives included councillors and senior staff members from communities around Ontario, including municipalities from throughout southwestern Ontario and up along Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The symposium began with a list of speakers, including: John Kennedy, who spoke about municipal/wind developer agreements; Carmen Krogh, who spoke in the health and socio-economic impacts of turbine developments; and John Laforet, who spoke about what new premier Kathleen Wynne means for green energy projects.

“It was a good sharing of information on how to fight turbines,” said Nigel Warren, a councillor for Tiny Township. His city council fought two turbine proposals for projects on Christian Island. Both projects have since been nixed. Read article

5 thoughts on “Turbine towns band together

  1. I wonder what , if anything, has come about because of the summit. I truly hope these representatives of rural Ontario, are making a sincere effort to protect their communities, and not hiding behind the GEA. An unjust law is not a valid reason to allow the decimation of our rural people and lands. We expect them to represent us, and to stand together against big wind companies and corrupt governments. That is their job. It’s not all about kissing babies, and cutting ribbons, sometimes it is a dirty job, and now is one of those times….

      • I sure do….but that just means that there is a whole lot of interesting stuff going on right now, and that’s got to be a good thing!

  2. This is encouraging news, although it is only 20 municipalities out of the 91 in this fight.
    Of course there is strength in numbers, but I have to wonder what is holding the others back.
    Does anyone know if West Lincoln was represented? I sent the Mayor and all council members the information and encouraged them (or a rep) to attend.
    Of course, NO reply.

    • Many more municipalities signed up at the meeting in Toronto. They were not able to attend both days, so a room was set aside for Wainfleet’s council to talk to more municipalities, with very good results, I’ve been told. Two councillors from west Lincoln were in attendance, along with the mayor, who left at lunchtime for another appointment. He was not at all cheerful on the way out.

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