Wind Turbine Turmoil

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9 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Turmoil

  1. More proof that there is absolutely no concern for human safety, animal welfare, financial devastation, or any other concern the public may have. We are considered collateral damage in their race to rob us as totally, and completely, as they possibly can, before everyone in the cities figures out the scam, and it ends.

    • Maybe this energy scam won’t end until urbanites have to steal wood and/or burn the furniture to keep warm while burning candles for light.

  2. You have to wonder – what corrupts Ontario

    ROMA-OGRA Debate on the Prosperity of Ontario’s Rural Communities
    The debate: for – or against
    the resolution “[b]e it resolved that Ontario’s prosperity no longer depends on the fortunes of its rural communities.”

    So what gives this sustaining power?
    And who would have the guts?

    • All politics – are local politics
      and, don’t forget – to get the best seats in the house.

  3. This is the same Tory MPP who believes current contracts should be honoured!
    Whilst I agree entirely with the insanity behind siting IWTs close to airfields I would like to think that negative health and property devaluation impacts were at least as important…???
    If he is getting air time representing the ‘first’ municipality to take on the wind energy companies he can hardly claim to be sincere or actually know what he is talking about…………
    If Hudak, and any of his team, are truly aware of the harm these machines are doing they should be making their ‘headlines’ publicly supporting Wainfleet, Plympton-Wyoming and any other municipality trying to protect their electorate, not buying cheap publicity by pretending concern!
    We know what harm has already been caused and also that both Liberal and NDP parties will do nothing to stop it.
    If a Conservative Party are to show they are really concerned and intend to stop this ‘green energy’ madness then they have to come out and say so, directly and unequivocally, AND they have to be out there on a daily basis publicly supporting OWR, the wind action groups and specially the municipalities actively fighting the wind energy companies.
    Anything less suggests all they are doing is looking for a few extra votes, whilst trying to protect their own ‘relationship’ with the big corporate accounts who have money in green energy!
    We really are on our own…………….. 🙂
    Andrew Watts

    • How can the PCs accept campaign funds from the “windies” and speak out against IWTs at the same time?
      They walked into a trap and it just so happened that the Star found about the dinner meeting they had?

      • I would have no trouble taking energy company money. It’s politics and everybody games the systems.

        They all have the right to line my pocket and darned if I will let anyone take it away.

      • One big problem here is that they are playing politics with IWTs and rural Ontarians can’t afford to play games in this situation. Where do the PCs really stand on IWT issues?
        Because the Star released this information when they did it has afforded both the Liberals and the NDP the opportunity to decine these dinner fund rasiers if they want to.

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