Oil Springs Information meeting draws a crowd

1297386228060_ORIGINALPaul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Landowners need to get advice before signing on with wind energy companies, says lawyer Wallace Lang. He was speaking to about 250 people gathered Thursday evening at a wind turbine public awareness meeting held at the community centre in Oil Springs.

It was organized by Enniskillen Township resident Chad Burke and his family after representatives of wind companies began approaching landowners in the rural Lambton County community. Mayor Kevin Marriott has said three companies are behind several proposals for wind farms in the township.

Lang was one of several speakers at the meeting Burke organized with help from local anti-wind groups. “Take care,” Lang told the crowd about documents used by wind companies. “Because it’s a binding agreement once you sign it. Lang said the companies have developed documents they have found to be saleable to landowners. “You’re not dealing with a bunch of amateurs here.”

Burke said he discovered the wind companies have become active in Enniskillen when they approached his in-laws. As well as organizing Thursday’s meeting, Burke said he expects to see an Enniskillen citizens’ group form and join forces with other anti-turbine efforts in Lambton. “The whole idea is to spread awareness and not let these into our community,” he said. Read article

2 thoughts on “Oil Springs Information meeting draws a crowd

  1. to all the people that like those wind turbines and can’t see why they will harm people living near them; why don’t you people buy the houses that have been abandoned near wind farms and move there? those houses are cheap, a really good deal !?
    comparing Germany to Ontario? get real! in Germany they do have much tougher setback laws than what we have in Ontario, because over there and in every other country in the world people know that if you lives too close to industrial turbines you will get sick.

  2. Farmers!!! Do not sign anything….shut the door on the wind-pimps, and do not drink the green kool-aid. I repeat, DO NOT drink the kool-aid. Take my advice, and you will be fine.

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