Ontario’s Future is in Ashes Protest: April 3rd

burned-paperMEDIA RELEASE FIT Protest
Bring your electricity bill to 255 Front St. to the “Ontario’s Future is in Ashes” BURN BARREL!
Wednesday, April 3rd
11:30: Gather
12:00: Speakers
12:30: Protest March
Place: Simcoe Park on Front Street, beside CBC building and opposite Metro Toronto Convention Centre MAP

Speak Up to Protest Against Ontario’s Future Being Blown Away! Please mark your calendars, and inform your neighbours. Stand up for Rural Ontario! Start thinking about messages & slogans for your signs and be creative. Arrange a bus or use public transit, subways, Go trains to Union Station. Let’s bring our message to McWynnty’s Liberals! See you there.

From the main lobby of Union Subway Station (look for signs to railway and GoTrain station to get to main lobby), exit at Front Street, go west (left) on Front St. past York St. and Lower Simcoe St. Simcoe Park is about 300 meters further west right next to the CBC building on the north side of Front St.

Buses heading to April 3rd protest:
Bruce/Grey/Dufferin/Simcoe/Wellington counties: On April 3rd, coach bus leaves the community center in Chatsworth at 8:30, with stops along Highway 10 across from Markdale Foodland for 9:00, Flesherton Home Hardware for 9:10, Dundalk Swipe and Go gas station at 9:25, Shelburne at Hwy 89 in front of No Frills at 9:35 and Orangeville in front of Walmart at 9:50. Cost will be $30 per person for the round trip. We will head home at 2:00. Lunch included for trip home. Please contact me to reserve a seat. Thanks! Lorrie 519-922-3072 ; lpcgillis@bmts.com

Haldimand/Norfolk/West Lincoln residents: Our very comfy coach bus is ready to go and we still have seats available for the FIT Protest to Toronto. Just in case you need one, we will have signs available at a minimal cost of $5.00/each that say “NOT a Willing Host”
Details: April 3, 2013 at 8:45am- arrive at Fisherville Lions Community Ctre – 18 Main St. W., Fisherville to board a coach bus that will depart at 9am sharp. A 2nd pick-up will be at Upper Centennial Pkwy & Rymal Rd. (LCBO/TD Bank Plaza) at approx. 10-10:15am. Cost will be $25 per person for the round trip. We will leave Toronto at 2:00pm SHARP to head home again, please remember to bring your lunch and dress for the weather. Please contact Tammy to reserve a seat; tking813@gmail.com 905-701-5583

Please send your bus information as it becomes available so we can let people know about it.

18 thoughts on “Ontario’s Future is in Ashes Protest: April 3rd

  1. I will definitely be attending this event, and bringing my megaphone….to make sure we are heard! Hey Toronto…..We’re back!!!

  2. Pingback: Want to see all the “greed mongers” who are driving up your Hydro Bills in one place? …. come to Toronto on April 3rd! | The Big Green Lie


    • Only paper?…….they have burning schoolhouses for Victoria Day. How about a new type of fireworks….burning turbines. We could make them with those spinning fireworks that you can buy. How fitting!

  4. The present government dosen’t think they are playing with political fire with the IWT situation but they are.
    The Bulgarian government has gone down over energy issues and this could also happen in the UK but only time will tell there. Due to the present weather there people can’t get out to express their views. Fat-cats getting rich while others suffer won’t fly.

    • Revolts can be sparked by people of all political views coming togther to oppose something and this is the present situation in rural Ontario with the oppositon to IWTs.
      Savy potiticians are usually very wary of these kinds of situations.

      • This is a political “force” and not a political party situation.
        However, political parties can benefit from from these kinds of situations but sometimes they can’t.

  5. Queens Park is waiting – for a good protest.

    Protest your ‘Hydro Bill’ @ Queens Park.
    There’s a hydro hike coming April 1st.
    Ask Ontario citizens to join in;
    and, then bring forward the ‘Green Energy’ scam.

    MSM – would have a hard time ignoring Ontario citizens;
    protesting ‘skyrocketing’ hydro bills.

    till then – good luck – on the street.

    • Unions @ your service

      In the spring of 2012, Tides Canada hosted a series of meetings across the country to discuss how a Canadian energy strategy could help accelerate the nation’s transition to a prosperous low-carbon economy. The result is Towards a Clean Energy Accord.

      CUPE is proud to be associated with Tides Canada and this very important initiative. Read the news release below, which oulines how CUPE and other labour unions are calling on all levels of Canadian government to develop a Clean Energy Accord.

      “Strange Bedfellows” call for low-carbon leadership
      International Labour Foundation for Sustainable Development
      David Suzuki Foundation
      The Pembina Institute
      Sierra Club of Canada

      What just happened?
      Are we in Canada?

      • Labour groups have been sold a bill-of-goods by the elites. Fooled into thinking that they are going to have good paying manufacturing jobs form renewable energy products.
        What workers don’t know is that they are being sold lower paying service jobs in exchange for higer paying manufacturing jobs.
        Sustainability is all about killing manufacturing jobs and lowering peoples’ standard of living.

  6. This is a good strategy to bring attention to the issue of skyrocketing bills. Hopefully the MSM will pay attention

  7. I wish I was able to be there tomorrow.

    Last year, it was amazing…the people who came from all over Ontario to protest was certainly a sight to behold.

    Congrats to Lorrie, Sherri, Keith and everyone else for all of the planning and time devoted to arranging this event for all of the rest of us all across Ontario who stand to benefit from the protest.

    We’ll be doing our bit in Peterborough later this morning to give Premier Wynne a warm welcome to the reality that most of rural Ontario are not “Willing Hosts” for industrial wind turbines; and that unless Premier Wynne changes her government’s current position regarding industrial wind turbines, those of us in rural Ontario will do everything that we can to ensure that the Wynne Liberals are blown away in the winds of change when we next get an opportunity to show them exactly what we think of their policies.

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