Wind power in Ontario: thinning the mixture in the great economic engine

SailboatBy Steve Aplin, Canadian Energy Issues
Wind-powered electricity is so inefficient that nobody gets into the wind generation business unless they are paid to do so. The situation in Ontario is proof of this. Wind turbines have sprung up all over the province because of government rules that force provincial electricity rate-payers, including low income people who live in apartment buildings, to pay wind “entrepreneurs” at least twice the rate that nuclear utilities get. The reason for this is wind’s inadequacy as an energy source. A 200-megawatt wind farm rarely generates 200 megawatts of electricity, and almost never does so for more than a few hours at a time. The wind just does not blow in a way that makes electricity generation convenient. Nor does it blow in a way that makes marine cargo shipping convenient—this is why nobody has shipped cargo in a sail-powered ship since the late-1800s.

The Ontario program that forces rate-payers to pay exorbitant prices for inefficient and unreliable wind power would never be expanded to include, say, sail powered shipping on the Great Lakes. That is because the inferiority of sail-powered shipping is immediately obvious to anyone who spends a few seconds pondering the business model. Anyone can easily imagine how quickly they would go out of business if they charged their customers more when they were late delivering a shipment.

Just imagine it: you are late with a shipment, and you still have to pay your crew, so the only way you can keep from going bankrupt is to charge your customer more than the agreed delivery charge! Your customer would be shocked, to put it mildly. Read article

7 thoughts on “Wind power in Ontario: thinning the mixture in the great economic engine

  1. Reading the article, one gets the impression it all started with the Rae government as lobbied by the fossil fuel cartel to forestall nuclear energy. Nuclear may be cleaner in emissions but not in lethal effluent that takes 250,000 to lose its toxicity. Anyway you slice, the Laws of Thermodynamics are immutable.

  2. Mr. Budd says it best so here it is …

    robert budd
    March 4, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    I think the reason the Liberal’s have stuck so dogedly to an obviously failed and contentious energy policy re.wind is that they are themselves heavily invested in it financially. Many Liberal’s and friends are making money off this and many contracts and the necesary lobbying required to get them is still on going.
    As well, as a local municipal councilor who sat in on early GEA meetings told me…”they made commitments to some very big corporations which will get fulfilled”, among them Samsung and a bunch of fossil industry players.
    And on top of it all there is the goofy alliance of so called clean energy groups like OSEA,CAPE,OCAA,Sierra Club that have been funded and cajoled into providing unified and totally unqualified support for the GEA. Most of them want to use it as an anti-nuke program.
    Sad times for this province,rural in particular.

    • I don’t care who, loses money, or how much they lose. Rural Ontario is not for sale, nor is the health and well-being of our communities. This fight is just starting to warm up. They ain’t seen nothing yet!

  3. Mr. Budd is absolutely correct. This is nothing more than a money making scheme based on bogus science.
    IWTs are in the same category as sailing ships. They are both horse and buggy era contraptions that are no longer of much use. Sailing is mostly for recreation now. Holland’s windmills to attract tourists.

  4. Wind energy executives and board members included Mike Crawley and David Peterson but there must be other prominent Liberals involved. World Wind Energy Association named George Smitherman as annual award winner in 2009.

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