Wind turbines and the myth of green energy

Struan Stevenson

4 thoughts on “Wind turbines and the myth of green energy

  1. Like you said Chevy, Mr. Stevenson really, really gets it.

    Wouldn’t he make a great Ontario Premier.

    I’ll pay for his plane ticket.

  2. Your forgetting that governments are hiding or shelved zero point energy because they do not think we are grown up enough to have this free energy. They bought up these patients and they use the gag order. Sound familiar?
    So voting, vote to get these out to us ASAP.
    BUt to rely on politicians that truly want to help will probably find themselves somehow disabled.
    I find if you want to get a job done do it yourselves. That means us not these public servants that don’t give a dam about us but what money is coming from who and to do the courtship dance with them.
    Very few servants that will get to home base with us!
    But yes this guy is checking and doing homework on this scam.

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