Ontario researcher blows off claim anti-wind-farm activism causes Wind Turbine Syndrome

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Ontario anti-wind farm activist and researcher Carmen Krogh says she’s received calls and emails from many people who are upset to hear Australian professor Simon Chapman’s claims that wind turbines don’t make people sick. “I feel profound grief and sorrow about that,” she said. “This is upsetting already vulnerable people who are hurting.”

According to Krogh, one of the major failings of Chapman’s study is he did not base his research on the personal accounts of Wind Turbine Syndrome sufferers. When she sees people willing to abandon their homes over the issue, it is powerful proof of real suffering, she said. Krogh, a trained pharmacist who lives in a rural area north of Ottawa, said she also experienced acute sickness from wind turbines on a vacation in Northern Ontario.

“The main thing was this feeling of general unwell. It felt like there was something wrong with my heart,” she said. “It was beating funny, and there was a vibratory sensation, a very unpleasant sensation.” Those feelings went away shortly after she left the area, accompanied by a very severe headache, which took a few days to dissipate, she said. It was only years later, when she heard about other people’s symptoms, that she connected the dots, she said. Read article

18 thoughts on “Ontario researcher blows off claim anti-wind-farm activism causes Wind Turbine Syndrome

  1. Common Sense – not in Ontario

    Oh look – another wind study

    ‘[excerpt] Ontario anti-wind farm activist and researcher Carmen Krogh says she’s received calls and emails from many people who are upset to hear Australian professor Simon Chapman’s claims that wind turbines don’t make people sick. “I feel profound grief and sorrow about that,” she said. “This is upsetting already vulnerable people who are hurting.”’

    oh look – the nutty prof

    Wow! sound the alarm – a study!

  2. Does Chapman also blame rape victims because they wore a skirt, or were stupid enough to be at home alone? Isn’t it a little alarming that a professor thinks people get seasick on purpose, or walk away from their life savings to “make a point”.

    He discredits academia by being a wind advocate with this kind of uninformed, politically motivated substitute for thinking. Seems that he is the one who has been drinking the Kool-Aid !

    • Excellent article………..
      which begs the question –
      why would Carmen Krogh – acknowledge this twit?
      and, of course,
      who is calling/emailing her?

      • The fact that the IWT- loving main stream media jumped all over the story and is using it to promote their own agenda no doubt forced Carmen to come forward.

        If gone unchallenged, Chapman’s nonsense would have been accepted as truth by the uneducated and the “told you so” crowd.

  3. Invite her to stay in your house for a while, maybe she will realize then what means seek people.

    • It is a “he” that is denying the health problems…..Carmen Krogh is very aware of the health issues surrounding turbines, and is an Incredible Champion for the Victims of this windscam. But Chapman should definitely have a nice holiday in a turbine infested area.

  4. Comparing “Death by Fan” and symptoms caused by “Green Energy Act” unwittingly appropriate …both perpetuated by those in government.

    Fan death
    Origins of belief

    The genesis of this misconception is unclear, but fears about electric fans date almost to their introduction in Korea, with stories dating to the 1920s and 1930s warning of the risks of nausea, asphyxiation, and facial paralysis from this “new technology”.[2][3]

    Some have speculated that the South Korean government created or perpetuated the myth as propaganda in order to curb the energy consumption of Korean households during the 1970s energy crisis.[2] This period was marked by short supply and high prices of oil, and coincided with the rule of President Park Chung-hee, who listed a self-reliant economy and modernization as his top goals, as announced in his Five Year Economic Development Plan.[4] This theory is based on the fact that reports of fan death first appeared in the 1970s.[citation needed]

    this article is in response to : Wind farms don’t make you sick, anti-wind-farm activists do, researcher says

    In this article,no mention of size of turbines, setback distances of turbines, no mention that turbines are exponentially Larger but the setbacks have remained the same. So “common sense” would dictate that you can’t make blind comparisons between those living close to them now and then.

    And then there’s the reverse way to look at these things. It’s not that the reports of illness have grown due to anti-wind groups, but rather that anti-wind groups have grown due to an increase in the number of people suffering.

    • It is excruciatingly easy to pick apart the windpushers arguments. They are totally devoid of common sense, any links to actual human sufferers, and completely lacking in any perspective other than their own. They are not interested in finding out the truth, only in covering it up, once it has been found. They do not ask questions, because they do not want your answers, they want to give you theirs.

  5. http://burenvanlageweide.nl/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Legal-Research-external-perspective-Kinanya-Pijl-2.pdf

    Go to page 5 of this study. Chapman claims that only English speaking folks suffer from WTS. Apparently someone forgot to tell the good burgers of Sint Maartensburg, the Netherlands that they should not be suffering from WTS as they speak Dutch and not English. Also the people in the municipality of Houten, The Netherlands, have concerns. I am sure I can find more non-English speaking countries/regions who suffer from WTS, but if Chapman is not willing to do proper research why should I?

    • The people in the Wind Opponent groups in Germany, Spain, Africa….etc. that we’ve been able to converse with, thanks to the translation app., will be quite shocked to find out that they do not even exist!!! Wow, turbines are now said to make people “disappear”. Those Windy people will say anything to get attention. First, they say turbines turn perfectly normal, upstanding, intelligent individuals into liars, and hypochondriacs….now they are saying that turbines can completely make them “disappear”. Now who are the REAL fear mongerers???

  6. Goofball Simon Chapman’s fifteen minutes of fame are just about over.

    Better hurray up and read about it now before Metro, the Star, the CBC and other MSM go back to burying IWT articles on the back pages.

    Actually, this loose cannon may be our ace in the hole. Shouldn’t take much to cut this wacko off at the knees while the world watches.

  7. It seems like the vast majority of the wind pushers are either heavily invested, in the financial sense, or severely lacking, in the common…sense. Usually, a combination of the two!!

  8. Wonder what brand of tobacco Simon Chapman was smoking when he wrote that load of crap? Hmmm, could it be there is another lucrative “Grant” in the offering? Money can skew a person mind enough to say most anything if it can find its way into ones back pocket. You just have to look at our own Liberal situation for proof of that.
    Keep your stick on your sign

  9. Hallucinogenic green kool-aid….enjoyed by wind weasels everywhere. Makes things appear “Green”…when they are really anything but….

  10. I wonder how this “study” explains the numerous cases of pets and domestic animals affected by these things? I suppose the veterinarians who have validated this will have to be bullied, marginalized, discredited, etc. I realize that the unofficial motto of the Liberal party is B.S. baffles brains, but aren’t they getting a little desperate here? With hard hitting homegrown heroes like David Suzuki on side, not to mention the unsung but untiring efforts of dimmer lights like spencerforhire ( he’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere ) , why subscribe to the Quack of the Month Club?

    • I think that Chapman was looking at “symptoms”, which are self-reported problems such as insomnia. “Signs” are observable, e.g. monitored waking during the night, animal responses, etc. As you suggest, animal responses would have been an especially good control for Chapman study–unless keeper is so stressed that it affects their care.

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