Greta Thompson writes to Premier, politicians

greta thompsonBy Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
[Excerpt] “I know how many good people there are in our rural farm communities and I believe farmers do care about their neighbours,” she said. ‘We can do better together.” Thompson said she considered selling her home in south Chatham-Kent because of nearby turbines but has been told she would have to list it for 50 to 55% of her investment or 30 to 40% of replacement value.

Thompson has also asked the Power Authority and Ministry of Environment to not allow the two closet turbines to her home to be activated until there is proof they won’t interfere with her husband’s ICD heart implant and until her other concerns have been satisfactorily addressed and resolved.

Thompson said she is opposed to any cash payments to municipalities, local residents and community trust funds by wind turbine companies. “If they believe something has to be done to address identified or perceived adverse impacts and feel some obligation to do something, any money made available should be used for physical protection and enhancement of the rural environment and rural family heritage,” she said. Read article

12 thoughts on “Greta Thompson writes to Premier, politicians

  1. I have no idea who Greta Thompson is but she must be famous to make the news in the UK:

    I don’t want to be sceptical but I’m wondering why this “long-time environmental activist” is only getting activated now over the IWT debacle. Maybe she had been living in the UK, or maybe personal circumstances have recently forced her to change her opinion of IWTs.

    Whatever, I don’t see her conciliatory tone cutting any cheese with either side of this ferocious debate.

    • Greta’s letter unfortunately assumes that
      IWT’s serve a purpose, they don’t.
      Green energy – greatest scam of the
      modern era.

      • They would not be built if they did not serve a purpose. 😉
        We just don’t like the purpose they serve.

      • Given present technology IWT’s have no place
        in today’s electrical power generation – economically.
        technically or aesthetically – absolutely useless blight
        on rural Ontario. Only beneficiaries are the green
        pig’s at the subsidy trough and the idealistic green pig’s
        at Queen’s Park.

      • New word: Purpose
        There can be no sustainable development without sustainable energy development – Margot Wallstrom, European Union Environmental Commissioner (2004)

      • Words of wisdom that makes one
        think….ala… can be no bacon without
        the pig.

      • The Liberal’s incessant pursuit of “green” energy has been likened to looking up the pig’s arse for a pork sandwich.

  2. The general public was not informed that the transition to the new “green” economy could or would cost some people their lives.

    • The Register, March 25,2013
      “The UK energy crisis in 3 simple awareness-raising pictures”
      “Wrap up and think of Gaia”
      This month the UK gas supplies have run down to 10% of the nation’s capacity.
      Also follow the Reuters link in this article for more information.

      The UK does not have the gas storage capacity that other European countries have to begin with.
      Welcome to the new “green” energy economy in the UK.

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  4. Courier-Journal, Louisville,Ky, March 25,2013
    “A failing environmental movement …”
    An interview with M. Sanjayan the lead scientist for the Nature Conservancy & CBS News environmental contributor.
    The environmental movement is just a niche movement and needs to change to succeed. Make the movement more inclusive. Like farmers around the world should be included.

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