Renewable energy losing its shine in Europe

Onshore Wind Farm Farr, Scotland / Onshore-Windpark Farr, SchottSumi Somaskanda Special, USA Today
For British entrepreneur Timothy Porter and millions of other Europeans who get generous financial incentives for solar panels, the sun has been very lucrative. Not only does the government pay Porter for the solar energy he produces, at far higher than the market rate for electricity, but he can also use what he generates for himself. “It’s fantastic,” he said, admiring the solar panel he installed on the roof of his home in the English West Midlands two years ago.

Such subsidies are widespread in Europe, where policymakers say that energy from wind and the sun will stave off global temperature increases they blame on the use of fossil fuels such as oil and coal. But Europe’s debt crisis has many countries worrying more about their bottom lines than climate. Read article

5 thoughts on “Renewable energy losing its shine in Europe

  1. Apart from the cost – they completely ignore the fossil fuel cost and other pollutants required for the concrete in the ground, to produce and ship the steel for the tower, the parts for the generators, the massive pollution in China for the rare earth uysed in the generators, and on and on and on.
    So in the end, it might not be so much the greenhouse gasses and temp rise that bring down our civilization, as the cost of subsidizing our wasteful use of energy.
    Things never quite turn out as planned.

  2. It was a scam from the get-go. Scaremongering over climate change is merely a sales gimmick. Politicians jumped at the chance to siphon huge bucks, while at the same time, claiming to save the world. Too bad it was all lies and corrupt back room deals. The environment plays no role, good or bad, in their plans to destroy rural Ontario, we are merely, as they say, collateral damage. They would shove the useless turbines anywhere, in order to start raking in our money. The whole thing is destined to collapse, but it would be nice if it happened before any more damage has been done to our environment, because of the destruction caused by the turbines.

  3. He can brag all he wants but the way the system is spraying our skies he will have lower percentage of precious sun shine to produce power ,and that in turn will cool off our climate and of course make a jump in medical expenses and funerals.
    That will also in turn save the environment with less slaves to pollute this precious earth for the rich and powerful to enjoy without us

  4. Only an energy crisis will wake people up to what a scam wind and solar are. The heat and lights will have to go out before this happens.

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