Six Nations man posts trespassing notices near wind turbine sites

Bill MontureJennifer Vo, The Sachem
Six Nations resident Bill Monture said he is resorting to using Ontario’s law in an attempt to stop Industrial Wind Turbines from coming into the Haldimand and Six Nations area. “All we’re doing is standing up for what’s rightfully ours,” said Monture. “The Mother Earth is our mother. She’s our life giver. She’s our sustenance. Yet, what are we doing? We’re destroying her.”

Monture along with Six Nations resident Lester Green had noted in the past during the turbine appeal process that if the appeals didn’t follow through, native residents would put up trespassing signs on the land. Monture said the trespassing notices should hold up in court, as he said the sites of the proposed wind turbine projects in the county fall in the Haldimand Proclamation Nanfan Treaty area. He said that land is their traditional hunting area, and he believes that since trespassing is a law of Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Police should enforce it.

“My argument is that it’s a valid thing,” said Monture, citing incidents when he said trespassing notices have been put up on disputed land against non-natives and the charges stood in court. “Now, we’re putting up the same thing in here within our traditional hunting areas.” Cayuga Detachment Commander Inspector Phil Carter said the OPP would investigate every call that comes to them. Read article

6 thoughts on “Six Nations man posts trespassing notices near wind turbine sites

  1. I sure hope they can use this law to protect themselves from our corrupt government, and greedy investors who care nothing about our environment.

  2. Keep fighting Bill. I met you at your meeting last April and you are still fighting like we are. Thank you.

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