Farmers may offer Wynne their own boot

wynne2By Greg Van Moorsel, The London Free Press
Buying a hockey jersey with No. 99 on the back doesn’t make you Wayne Gretzky. Any couch potato will tell you. Wearing a Spider-Man mask and red-and-blue tights doesn’t confer Spidey’s powers on you. Even kids know better.

How, then, does slipping on a pair of bright red Wellington boots and walking around in barnyard muck make one an agriculture minister? The truth is, it doesn’t. It’s about time someone told Ontario’s rookie premier just that.

Two months ago, when she was sworn in as premier, Kathleen Wynne decided she’d do double duty — but only for a year — as the minister in charge of the province’s largest industry. Other premiers before have moonlighted, usually as intergovernmental affairs minister.

Wynne, however, would be different in the farm beat. While clinging to office by her fingernails, learning to be a premier and trying to hold a fragile minority government together, Dalton McGuinty’s successor would — what, on her lunch breaks? — also tend to a complicated industry that employs more than 700,000. Read article

6 thoughts on “Farmers may offer Wynne their own boot

  1. Red rubber boots – how femme! No steel toes, I bet.
    On the other hand – or foot – what was she supposed to wear? Work boots? Hip waders? Heels?
    Perhaps, as inappropriate as her politics are, the red boots make common sense – unless they were shiny, of course.

    • They were shiny, like never used before. The symbolism is in tune with the sparkling new plaid shirt worn by Dalton McGuinty at the annual ploughing match. Again a Toronto centric idea of what would appeal in the countryside.

  2. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and that’s enough to make a living.
    Allegedly a comment from P.T. Barnum

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and that’s enough to make you premier.
    Believed to have been thought, if not said, by Premier Wynne

  3. Any politician who is a member of a party that is always wallowing in the crap, the way that the liberals do, needs hip waders, just for a start. She knows no more about agriculture, than she does about renewable energy…..which is NOTHING! She may be listening to rural Ontario, but she isn`t really hearing a word we say, because it does not fit in with HER agenda. We will not be hosting any $5000. a plate dinners, so we don`t matter to her.

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