Ontario Stargazing: open-letter to Government and Advocates

Wind-Turbine-Red-Flashing-LightOntario Stargazing
Hello public information volunteer of the David Suzuki Foundation,
Thank you for your reply regarding the massive wind turbine development along the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. I must say I am a little disappointed with the David Suzuki Foundation. Ontario is becoming a wind turbine “oil sands”. These are not neutral environmental footprint structures as so widely claimed by the Government and energy companies.

There is growing documented medical evidence as to the human health effects by wind turbines but it goes beyond that. There is obvious light pollution issues due to the high-intensity strobe lighting which can create a lightning effect into the night sky. This same lighting can be disruptive to human sleep patterns when wind turbines are near populated areas. And bird kills by wind turbines are growing in numbers as more research is showing and more turbines go up.

1) When you have a 275 wind turbines being built in an area such as the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, which a large part was designated a World Biosphere Reserve – that is no better than the oil sands. Read article

12 thoughts on “Ontario Stargazing: open-letter to Government and Advocates

    • I lost all respect for him long ago….I don’t believe anything that comes out of his foundation any more. [which is a shame because I’m sure there are people trying to do some real good, but I don’t trust anything with his name behind it] He knows how much damage these turbines do to the ecosystems they are built on and yet he supports them…. Endorsing them was and is his downfall…He betrayed us all. How much easier this would of been with him behind us and not supporting them….wonder what his cut was in this scam??

  1. Everybody and I mean everybody needs to stop supporting this a—–e, cause he is another scam we don’t need wasting our precious air. I’ll never watch “Nature of Things” again – ever or any other thing that supports him.

  2. Suzuki may have had good intentions in the beginning, but the money and the fame have gone to his head. He thinks he is Royalty of some kind, and his opinion is gospel. He gets no respect from anyone who has half a brain, and does their research. He supports big money at the expense of the environment.

  3. David Suzuki’s PhD research was based on fruit flies and wasn’t considered that good within the scientific community at large. His claim to fame is making science popular with the public. fruit flies NOT the environment NOR electrical production.

  4. I wonder if the people who make these decisions ever read any of the negative comments and does it ever make any difference

    • “They” do when membership in their organizations starts to decline as does the money $$$$$$$$$$$ from membership fees!

      When, in 2005, I found out that Suzuki would not oppose the erection of IWTs in the Major Migratory Flyway west of Long Point, near to where I live, I refused to renew my membership and refused to send ANY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

      You can DO the SAME!

    • What is the intent?
      when an operator chooses
      to respond to complaints of harms caused by their IWTs
      by buying out the affected residents?
      And then choosing not to disclose this?

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