Turbine News from Chatham-Kent

From Chatham-Kent:
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe turbines for IPC/Suez’s East Lake St. Clair and the Erieau/Blenheim projects (each 100MW) are up and rumours indicate that they will go online soon. Misery loves company down here… more turbines means more victims.

Samsung/Pattern and RES held job fairs to get workers for the mega South-Kent (270MW) project that is already ripping up ground for roadways. Not everyone was happy at the job fair in Ridgetown, see photo (right) taken in the parking lot at the job fair entrance.

Opinions about turbines are surfacing everywhere, even along Highway 401 in Chatham-Kent.


And here is something unusual…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI drove down Green Line on the weekend… and couldn’t believe my eyes. A house has disappeared. It was a lovely brick bungalow about 35 years old. Located at 13340 Green Line. We haven’t heard anything about it burning down, and the people we have asked don’t seem to know what happened to it. The farm and missing house are owned by a Talbot Wind leaseholder, they had rented the surplus house out for many years. Two of the Talbot turbines went up very close to this place (maybe 500 or 600m away)… I wonder if the missing home was not livable anymore??… Enbridge gives the leaseholder a few hundred thousand extra and the leaseholder knocks the place down (no sales record or anything needed to cover it up)???

8 thoughts on “Turbine News from Chatham-Kent

  1. I like the windshield sign. They could be made into those sun protectors that fit in the windshields of parked cars on those sunny days when folks are out and about. Could put all kinds of things on them like NexTError…… There are also those one way see through decals that can be put on the rear windows of pick-ups and vans. Maybe could sell them during events to raise money to fight the Turbines
    Just a though
    Keep your stick on your sign

  2. Maybe it was termites that brought the house down… the 40 storey tall termites with 3 waving antennae.

  3. Maybe the house was not structurally sound anymore… vibrations from the Talbot turbines are causing at least 2 other structures to vibrate (a shed and a machine shop/office).

  4. The story coming from other leaseholders or friends of leaseholders about the missing home is that it had “black mould”, possibly as a result of defective drainage.
    Well the drainage definitely could have been messed up because there are lots of reports of damaged drainage tiles caused by the wind project construction.
    Regardless… the sad part is that the community will not believe anything the leaseholders say anymore as the leaseholders are seen to have “black moulded hearts and brains”.

  5. Mayor Hope came back with nice tan, word has it he went some where nice and warm
    no money out of his pocket, taken care of by you know who

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