Enniskillen will wait to impose a two km zone for wind turbines

enniskillen-windSarnia Lambton Independent
Enniskillen Township politicians say they’re considering a bylaw to keep wind turbines two kilometers from homes. But Mayor Kevin Marriott says council is waiting to see what happens with two prominent cases in the Ontario courts before acting. There are three wind energy companies going door-to-door in the municipality trying to sign farmers to wind leases. The projects could mean up to 51 turbines in the community.

A new group, CORE – Conservation of Rural Enniskillen – has been formed to encourage residents not to sign on, making it difficult for the wind companies to get the land base they need. So far, the companies have not secured contracts with the provincial government to sell power.

That’s why Marriott and his council told members of CORE at a recent council meeting they’re taking their time on imposing a two kilometer limit – which would be directly opposed to provincial law. Marriott says communities such as Wainfleet and Plympton-Wyoming which imposed the limit are facing legal challenges and are currently in court. A decision on the Wainfleet two kilometer set back is expected in weeks.

“When we hear that decision we thought we’d be in a better position to proceed with setback (requirements) like Plympton-Wyoming’s,” says Marriott adding a larger exclusion zone would be one of the best ways to stop wind projects in the community. “Two kilometers would pretty well eliminate any place in rural Lambton,” says Marriott. Read article

8 thoughts on “Enniskillen will wait to impose a two km zone for wind turbines

  1. 1st word that came to mind upon reading Mayor Marriott’s assessment of the situation?
    WUSS! Did you, at least, encourage your own council to support either the Wainfleet or Plympton-Wyoming initiatives? Didn’t think so! Your silence speaks volumes!!

  2. Posted the following in their local e-newspaper in response to another and local reply.
    It reads as though the Mayor and at least one Councilor may already be part of the wind scam?
    Marriott’s ‘wait and see’ is pathetic, and one of many reasons we have so many municipalities in rural Ontario who have demonstrated they are totally unfit to claim they represent their communities best interests. 🙁

    Tom, I’m a proud Wainfleet resident and my Council rocks!!! In spite of being ‘told’ by their staff that they couldn’t do this they agreed unanimously to do it anyway! We are waiting to hear the result of the court hearing and still don’t know what it will be. You might like to find out what advice your elected Council are getting from their unelected staff….???
    Your Mayor is wrong when he says that a 2km Set Back Bylaw is ‘illegal’. It has not so far been tested in court. Even more worrying it is a claim only made so far by wind energy companies, their lawyers and parties interested in promoting industrial wind projects. I think I would be inclined to ask Mayor Marriott on what grounds he can make such a statement….???
    I think the vital part of these recent lawsuits, only one heard so far, with another two in process, is whether or not a court rules that an elected Council has the right to enact a Bylaw that they believe protects the best interests of their community. Under the Municipal Act there are some who claim that not only does an elected Council have that right, but by their oath of office they are legally obliged to do so.
    It seems some on your Council are playing the wind energy company games and using the ‘legality’ or otherwise of a 2km Set Back Bylaw as a red herring!
    Keep up the fight and get all the residents you can to demand to know why their Mayor and Council refuse to protect their interests. The residents elected them and they should have absolutely no loyalty to foreign companies only interested in exploiting Inneskillen.
    There can be no Mayor or Councilor in rural Ontario any more, who isn’t well aware of the harm such wind energy projects will inflict on their own community. Don’t back off and don’t allow your elected representatives to delay!
    Best of luck,
    Andrew Watts

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