Wind power kills jobs and increases electricity costs: Report

green_jobsBy Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
TORONTO — Ontario’s pursuit of wind power has driven up electricity prices, is killing jobs and might even lead to more smog, a new Fraser Institute report says. Ross McKitrick, author of Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario’s Green Energy Act (GEA), says the Ontario government’s electricity plan is now 10 times more costly than installing pollution-control equipment on existing coal plants — an option he argues would have produced similar improvements in air quality. His analysis of the GEA concludes the province is well on its way to having some of the highest electricity prices in North America.

“Already, the GEA has caused major price increases for large energy consumers and we’re anticipating additional hikes of 40% to 50% over the next few years,” McKitrick said in a statement. “Provincial efforts to shield these industries through energy subsidy programs only transfer the costs onto Ontario taxpayers who are already dealing with skyrocketing residential electricity prices. “Overall, GEA-related energy cost increases will yield a net loss of investment and employment in Ontario, in pursuit of environmental benefits that could have been obtained at a fraction of the cost,” he said. Read article

11 thoughts on “Wind power kills jobs and increases electricity costs: Report

  1. I was listening to a program the other day (can’t remember which one off the top of my head), but it discussed the C02 emissions from coal plants and that if we were to build greenhouses, next to these plants, and pump the C02 into these greenhouses, the produce and/or various plants would flourish. Of course as they suck up C02, they would give off oxygen.
    Sounds like a win – win if you ask me.

  2. Wind power kills jobs/increases costs.
    Who’d thunk?

    Liberal spin doctors will be working
    overtime this week.

  3. Wind power has been sold as a means of replacing conventional energy sources. But the production capacity is not there to do so. This is where the fraud part comes in. All wind does is to shift the production load onto hydro, gas and nuclear in Ontario.
    Wind power will not replace conventional energy sources because of the backup power needed.
    Wind and solar will create jobs is another fraud. Where all the promised jobs.
    Fraud can never be used to accomplish any goal no matter how great sounding the schemes are.

    • Now the renewable energy people are telling the public, that wind will be backed up with biogas….perhaps the pipeline will be connected directly to Wynne`s butt!

    • It wasn’t that long ago that the “green” spokesidiots insisted that:

      Wind turbines don’t cause health problems of any kind
      (now they admit IWTs cause “some” health problems)

      Ontario is not paying anybody to take our excess power
      (now they admit as much, but say it’s only “temporary”)

      Cancelling the gas plants was not a Liberal political seat-saver
      (now the Libs readily admit to it)

      Cancelling the gas plants ONLY cost $40 million
      (now the Liberals admit it may be ONLY $800 million)

      IWTs don’t need gas back-up
      (now the gas companies are advertising that they are “there for IWTs when the wind isn’t blowing”)

      Biogas? No thanks. There’s already been way too much flatulence coming from McWynnety.

  4. OWR, WCO and many others have been saying all of the above for some time already. It looks like the issues are finally starting to get some grip.
    Thank you Ross McKitrick. You are a very credible, believable source!
    Thank you Antonella for writing on this very important topic.

  5. Turbine fighters from all walks of life, have my ultimate respect!!! Standing up for our communities, and our province, is a noble and worthy cause. Do we want turbines…..NAW…. that means…NOT ANY WHERE!

  6. The condemnation of this Green Energy Plan and the failure of this present Government is loud and clear!
    There is enough PROOF that this is a rogue Government that is continually on a path of destruction and financial Armageddon, so here’s my question: WHY ARE THEY STILL IN POWER????

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