Activist says she won’t cease and desist

we will not be silentBy Paul Morden, London Free Press
Middlesex County anti-wind turbine activist Esther Wrightman says she’s not giving in to a cease and desist warning from lawyers working for NextEra Energy Canada. A letter, dated March 20, was sent to Wrightman calling on her to remove YouTube videos and wind resistance website postings because of company logos altered to read “NEXTerror” and “Nextterror Bullies Canada Inc.”

10231137afreedom-of-speech-posters“Our request is simply to not use the corporation’s registered, trademarked logo in a manner that is defamatory,” NextEra spokesperson Josie Hernandez said in an email. Hernandez said company officials attempted to contact Wrightman personally to resolve the issue before the letter from the lawyers was sent. Wrightman said phone calls where made to her home but she never spoke directly to those company representatives. “We aren’t trying to limit debate, which is clear from our letter, but we have rights in our logo that are entitled to protection under the law,” Hernandez said.

The letter from the lawyers to Wrightman mention in particular use of “NEXTerror” in a video shot in January as crews destroyed a bald eagle nest on the site of NextEra’s Summerhaven wind project in Haldimand. The tree holding the nest came down with the permission of Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources. The letter from the lawyers asks Wrightman to remove that video – as well as a second one interviewing company officials about the nest – from YouTube by March 22. Read article

11 thoughts on “Activist says she won’t cease and desist

  1. Well its nice to see Next error getting so much MORE unwanted publicity, hence the name……

    they really are sooo stupid aren’t they?!..

  2. Full of errors and terrors better fly on back to Florida and think up a new name.
    Nothing is worse than a bully!

  3. Seems to me that the logo adaptation is an intentionally humorous, albeit ironic, parody. That alone should make it exempt from prosecution of trademark infringement.

    Unless of course Esther is mocking the company to gain an unfair competitive advantage for her own wind “farm” development business! Ha ha ha!

    Maybe just modify the offensive postings with a footnote making clear the adaptation is intended as a parody? I personally get a chuckle out of the play on words and pronunciation.

    • We all do….that’s probably what hurts them the most. We couldn’t possibly think any less of them now than we did before the logos. We’ve always known the truth. They are disgusting, destructive, bullies.

  4. NextEra Energy Inc., 2012 SEC Form 10-K
    Page 25
    “NEER depends heavily on government policies that support renewable energy and enhance the economic feasibility of developing and operating wind and solar energy projects in regions in which NEER operates or plans to develop and operate renewable energy facilities.”
    For more information on this subject see: Pages 18,26 & 27 of the SEC Form 10-K
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  5. NextEra Energy Inc, SEC 2012, Form 10-K
    Page 57
    “Additionally, as of December 31, 2012, certain subsidiaries of NEE had credit loan facilities with available liquidity as follows:”
    NEECH and NEER:
    Canadian bank revolving credit agreements for C$300M with $2M remaining for Canadian renewable energy assets.
    Canadian bank loan agreement for C$150M with $38M remaining for Canadian renewable generating assets.
    See Footnotes a,b,c:
    b. Current intent is to be used for the purchase, development, construction, and/or operation of Canadian renewable generating assets.
    c. In Jan.,2013 one of the two Canadian bank revolving agreements was increased by C$100M and to extend the maturity of the entire commitment.
    Search enter: NextEra Energy Inc and follow the links to the SEC Form 10-K and other SEC reports.

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