Fraser Institute’s report shows green energy blows

this blowsBy Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
TORONTO – Wind blows — and so sadly does the Liberal government’s Green Energy Act. Even before the Fraser Institute came out with its damning report on wind and solar energy this week, the writing was on the wall. Turbines have wreaked havoc on rural Ontario, ruining the countryside, pitting neighbour against neighbour as wind farms sprouted on once lovely fields. We’ve gone from generating the cheapest electricity in the world to the most expensive in North America.

The report, Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario’s Green Energy Act (GEA) authored by Ross McKitrick, recalls provincial auditor general Jim McCarter’s scathing 2011 report, where he said the province has already lost $2 billion in electricity exports because power generated by wind often has to be exported at a loss.

“Eighty per cent of Ontario’s generation of electricity from wind power occurs at times and seasons so far out of phase with demand that the entire output is surplus and is exported at a substantial loss,” the report says. “Data from the Independent Electricity System Operator shows Ontario now loses, on average, $24,000 per operating hour on such sales, totalling $200 million annually.” Read article

3 thoughts on “Fraser Institute’s report shows green energy blows

  1. So we have the Toronto Sun, which is the Canadian equivalent of Murdoch’s Fox News, quoting the Fraser Institute, which likes to call itself a think tank. They are actually a very pro-business, pro-Conservative Party front group. Mike Harris is a member. They support our cause solely from the perspective of damning the Liberals and promoting the Conservatives who will make things better for corporations generally, worse for the rest of us, and will take away what little worker protection we have left. They don’t say that, of course, they say they will make Ontario competitive for industry by getting government out of the way.
    You know – like Bangla Desh is competitive – $1/hr, locked doors so the workers can’t escape, empty fire extinguishers… anything to get that Walmart contract.
    When the government sells us down the river we get a choice of which river and which captain, but regardless of our choice, they aren’t working for us.
    The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend.

    • This type of ad-hominen attack and vague unsupported accusations serves no purpose in advancing the debate over Greed Energy. Just because Mike Harris may, or may not, belong to the Fraser Institute, doesn’t in any way render invalid any of the facts, data or conclusions Dr. McKitrick presents in his report. If we are to mistrust and disbelieve Ross McKitrick on these grounds of bias then we should do the same for your comment as you are obviously a supporter of the NDP who are equally committed to the folly of the GEA and have enabled the Liberals at every turn to implement it. After all the Province and Unions did so well under Bob Rae and the NDP didn’t we…
      If you have any data or facts to contribute please do so, otherwise spare us the innuendo and baseless scare-mongering.

  2. What people fail to understand is that renewable energy companies or any companies which depend on government subsidies to keep in business are NOT REAL businesses. They keep in business out of the taxpayers pockets.
    Please keep this in mind and sepearate out those companies which are not involved in renewable energy scams from the ones that are involved in these scams.

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