Green Energy Gone Wrong?

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CBC: The Early Shift “This morning, the Fraser Institute is set to release a report slamming the Green Energy Act. We spoke to Professor Ross McKitrick.

6 thoughts on “Green Energy Gone Wrong?

  1. For those who think it’s a biased report, Dr. McKitrick calculated from IESO data that surplus wind exports must be costing us about $200 million annually (p. 15 of the report). Then a few weeks later this article appeared in the Star coming up with the same number:
    When I spoke to my MPP’s office today his EA said that the McKitrick/Fraser Institute report was nothing but biased info. funded by Big Oil. The maybe the NDP would like to explain how the Star is secretly funded by Big Oil. Better yet, maybe the NDP could explain how they can defend paying $200 million for electricity each year that we turn around and sell at a loss to the US. That’s enough money to fund a brand new medium size hospital. Where are their priorities?

    • iNDePends…aren’t those them Orange things that are being worn by Red Liberals to prevent the leakage of true democracy in Ontario these days. I believe they call themselves The New Diapers Party.
      Go Figure

  2. The issue here is that IWTs are being installed with the promise/ that they will produce a stated amount of power which they can’t produce. This is fraud.
    Fraud cannot be used to obtain contracts no matter how noble the cause may be. The government can’t say that it’s ok to use fraud sometimes for a noble cause. Fraud is fraud and it dose matter.

  3. It’s almost like watching a train wreck….you want to look away, but you can’t take your eyes off of it…because it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

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