The Wynne Turbine’s spin

Thompson Questions Premier on Scathing Fraser Report

33 thoughts on “The Wynne Turbine’s spin

  1. The Wynne Turbine Spin.
    Sounds like a dance.
    Maybe something like Gangnam Style?
    Or the Chicken Dance?
    Or the Hokey Pokey?

  2. this unelected premier is not worth the time to listen to her , she lies or has her facts wrong which is it I will wonder .

  3. This coal emissions argument is a totally specious response to the questions concerning IWTs.
    Moreover, why should asthmatics be more protected than those who suffer deleterious effects from the imposition of wind turbines? Why is their health more valuable than mine? The premier states that people can’t control the air they breathe – but neither can we control the noise (audible and low frequency/infrasound) and light strobing the GEA is forcing upon us!! So even in the best case scenario, you reduce asthma but increase stress, depression and anxiety, cardiac/blood pressure problems, migraines, nausea, accidents through falls due to vertigo, etc. Lost time at work through absenteeism. Poor work productivity due to chronic exhaustion from sleep deprivation. How is this a better solution to the problem of asthma? Especially since the coal plants are slated to close in any event. What’s the purpose of engendering more pain and suffering – and more cost to the provincial health care system? This is her idea of an optimal solution??

  4. It has been hard to give up completely on Wynne. Seems she has indeed checked her integrity at the door of the Premier’s office. You don’t have to admit you are wrong when you are convinced you are a saviour of the planet. It seems she is now, for sure, a rising star member of the delusions of grandeur club – arrogant, entitled, urbanized.

    Particularly annoying is the delivery of the same old BS about how industrial wind development helps asthmatic children, and so only people who live in cities and vote Liberal care about the air children breathe. So ironic considering how many people have moved out of the cities for the sake of their and their children’s overall health.

    Wynne is the scariest kind of perpetrator: one who believes she is both superior and right.

  5. She could hardly wait to jump in on this one!..she almost sprang out of here chair to get her well-rehearsed psycho babble out of her mouth so she could get on with the next rehearsed item on her agenda ………… if anyone could get her off message for 10 seconds all one would get out of McWynnty would be a blank stare, a hysterical laugh and look like a “deer in the headlights”!
    These puppets occupying our legislature are an insult to the honest citizens of the Province!

    • Re illness from living near wind turbines, & Wynne’s typical response that solid proof is needed, I’d like to be able to answer her with, “So that you can understand exactly what it’s like to live with 492 foot wind turbines around you, when would you be available to live in one of these uninhabitable houses (Ripley or Melancthon) for a few weeks, and we will arrange it.” What would her answer be??

    • Solid proof!
      ‘Proud Canadian NIMBY-POWER!’
      Harrison Ford: “Never Give Up – No Matter What!”

      Be patriotic!
      – head to Queens Park!
      …….before session breaks – for the summer holidays.

      Premier Wynne – needs to see – ‘solid proof’

    • Liberal supporters –
      Work ethics…………….but, where are the jobs?

      Unions and environment groups join ranks to challenge Hudak’s attack on Ontario energy legislation

      OTTAWA, Sept. 21, 2011 /CNW/ – Environmental groups, a provincial labour federation and six national unions representing close to 1 million workers in Ontario have released a statement challenging Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak’s attack on Ontario’s Green Energy and Economy Act.

      The statement, signed by the Canadian Auto Workers, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, Climate Action Network, Green Communities Canada, National Union of Public General Employees, Ontario Federation of Labour, Polaris Institute, Public Service Alliance of Canada and the United Steel Workers, is intended to let Mr. Hudak know organized labour and environmental groups are greatly concerned if Mr. Hudak is elected and kills the legislation, that Ontario would be taking a giant step backward.

    • March 31-2013 –
      A big day for Canada – and Sovereignty
      If you see Stephen Harper – shake his hand

      And repeal – The Liberal – ‘love child’ – Agenda 21
      ‘[excerpt] and repeal the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act.’

      ‘[excerpt] John Baird, Canada’s foreign affairs minister and pointman for next month’s Rio+20 Earth summit in Brazil, said this week that the National Roundtable for the Environment and Economy (NRTEE) would have its funding cut in 2013 because of the availability of information from thinktanks, the internet and universities.

      Baird told reporters that Canadian taxpayers should not have to pay for an organisation that has produced 10 reports promoting a carbon tax – “something that the people of Canada have repeatedly rejected”.’

      ‘[excerpt] The C$5.2 million funding for the NRTEE will cease as of 31 March next year under a wide-ranging omnibus budget bill C-38 that is currently before Canada’s House of Commons. The legislation seeks to speed up natural resources projects such as oil and gas pipelines, and repeal the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act.’

      No wonder the United Nations – hates Stephen Harper, and the conservatives
      Again – If you see Stephen Harper – shake his hand

      Go Conservatives!

      • Damn Straight Free Thinker! Harper, like him or hate him, is #1 world leader, on environmental issues, economics and most others, come to think of it.
        You`re darned right I`ll shake his hand. He`s saved Canadas` butt big time! So far.

    • Am I to believe, that even with a note from his specialist, saying turbines would be very detrimental to his health problems, and sensory issues, my son does not matter? Why are respiratory problems a license to harm a whole segment of the population? Is it just rural children that do not matter? Wynne knows of my case. I’ve personally discussed it with her, given her a copy of the specialist’s letter, as well as a couple of my own. She has done absolutely nothing to help me. This is all about the money. I will speak with her again.

  6. What a loser is our premier. I couldn’t even listen to it all. OTOH, Lisa is just the backbencher launching the trial balloons for Hudak who MIGHT pay off the wind companies – maybe – probably even more money than they would have made with GEA. Not that I think he has a chance of getting elected. And quoting the Fraser institute is about as meaningful as quoting Sun Media, Sarah Palin or any of the other intellectual giants of the right.
    Please… their agenda is completely different from ours. Certainly from mine.

  7. Mr. Speaker says Thompson was not listening to the answer – If Wynne was answering the question Thompson may have listened, apparently Mr. Speaker doesn’t understand – you can’t side step the question with another question that is unrelated.
    Wynne is a loser – the biggest laugh is baby Trudeau will move quickly through the ranks because they need a new clean fresh face, it is the beginning of the end of the Liberal Party no life skills, no experience in the real world, & the commonality of ignorance & arrogance.

    • Perhaps Mr. Speaker has forgotten what’s it like to “side step”– since he’s disabled.

      Maybe poor circulation has deprived his brain of oxygen, and now he’s stupid?

      Are those offensive remarks?

  8. Premier Wynne(d) would’nt know the stiff proof if you put it in her face. She is just not that kind of “person”. She shirley shows she is Daltons brother. They both have clown faces.

  9. Ontario is being killed by the Liberals – vote them OUT next election – and lets make sure the Liberals do NOT get elected in the next Federal election!! – no wonder we are the have not province – these officials are too busy giving contracts to their brother/friends etc – trying to hide one scam after another and oh yes shutting down the horse racing in this province – shameful just shameful!! – this is a slap to every hard working person in this province!!!!!

  10. Wynne believes the asthma society. I trust she is aware the society is using government funding to promote wind energy and fund their president who is masquerading as a “doctor”?

    • Forgot to add that the asthma society president is closely tied to the liberal party……

      • Like said before these Liberals have sooo many scams going on and certain organizations that they have ties to – it is hard to keep it straight – and that is just what the Liberals want!!!!!!!

  11. You have to be impressed with “Wynnee the Puke’s” responses in question period at Q.P. today. It’s so heart-warming to hear how much she cares about the province’s children who are suffering from severe asthma due to the pollution from coal plants! She REALLY CARES! No kidding! She REALLY REALLY DOES! Little red rubber booties for everyone!!

  12. I’m glad Wynne has decided that asthmatics have superiority over turbine victims.
    Next time anyone hears of an asthmatic being forced from their home by their illness please post it here. We’ll see if Wynne responds to their plea for help.

  13. Rural 101. If you watched the fifth estate documentary about coal burning and gag energy , the entire United States reports less than 9000 people harmed by burning coal. And Ontario declare 9000 !!! We all know of the lies. How many Billions was spent on gun registry ? We now have the worst coy wolf population because farmers decided not to shoot. There are soooooo many more. Lame governments goin to bet with urban folk feelin they have a quality cuddle time I guess. That all being said MSM spreads the evil word that Cinderrellawyne can finish the story with such Quaint comforting bliss. Need a softer pillow? Please understand that I’m with you on ur story

  14. After watching the video. I really can’t believe this sad excuse for a premiere is so brain dead.!!I We can only hope this waste of a good education doesn’t stay in power much longer…She speaks like a true clone of McGoofy !!

  15. If our premier is so concerned about pollution emitting coal plants therefore she should address the problem by spending money on scrubbers that will reduce emissions. Furthermore most of southern Ontario’s coal emissions come from Detroit Edison in Michigan. Pleeaase no more turbines in Chatham Kent .

  16. What’s the difference between the Cons and the Libs – or NDP for that matter? Nothing of substance. They’re all politicians. Chretien, Mulroney, Harris, Peterson, Harper, McGuinty, Wynne, makes no difference – the one in power is the one who screws us. The one out of power pretends to care about us.
    Then there’s Rae, who went from Ont NDP premier to federal Liberal interim leader – or Jean Charest who went from Federal Conservative Leader to Quebec Liberal Premier.
    There are people who actually believe that changing parties will make things better? The NDP followers think the GEA will create jobs, the Conservative followers believe Hudak will get rid of the turbines, and the Liberal and NDP supporters in Toronto elected Rob Ford.
    I think the whole country has bought into the BS of one party or another and we are all in serious trouble. I find this really discouraging. I thought by now people would have started to figure it out.

  17. All those who have been following the posts here over the past couple of years know that the same names keep coming up over and over again. There is a goup of people with international connections that are making big money off from the renewable enrergy scam and they are aided by environmental groups who get a piece of the money.
    Then you have elected officials who are part of this scam as they can make the laws necessary to put the scam over. All the political parties in North America at least have some who are involved.

  18. Wynne and the asthma association want clean air which means less Co2, yet forget that Wind turbines require gas backup which equals more Co2 not less. Wynne’s wind actually makes asthma suffers suffer more not less.
    The solution is oh so simple. Tweak the existing Hydro electric and Nuclear a small percent to slash Co2. No miles and miles of extra expensive transmission lines required and useless switching infrastructure. Sounds like “common sense” to me and most others. Then again, trusting Liberals to deliver the “common sense goods” is a lot like trusting rabbits to deliver lettuce.
    Then again, could it be the next Liberal brain trust is plotting to get rid of hydro electric and nuclear to generate more Co2???

  19. Wynne seems hell bent on supporting those folks with children with asthma and respiratory problems. Perhaps these people should move or just shut up and put up, like the industrial wind turbine communities. Or, better still, place a wind turbine next to the coal plant and blow it in the Liberals general direction!

  20. Wynne thinks the air in ontario stays in ontario. all the crap we breath comes from the USA. What a jackass.

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