Cancelled Mississauga power plant cost $275 million: Ontario auditor general

Dalton GasRob Ferguson and John Spears. Toronto Star
Ontarians are paying twice for a single power plant, Auditor General Jim McCarter says in a scathing report that found it cost $275 million to scrap a generating station in Mississauga and move it to Sarnia. That’s $85 million, or 45 per cent, more than the $190 million former premier Dalton McGuinty claimed, prompting opposition parties to charge the government “lied” and providing fresh ammunition for a potential spring election.

The plant across from Sherway Gardens was well under construction and scrapped less than two weeks before the provincial vote of Oct. 6, 2011, a move Premier Kathleen Wynne admits was “politically motivated” to save Liberal seats. McCarter said compensating the plant’s builder for that decision cost taxpayers “a lot.” New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives quickly piled on.

“Families are stuck with the bills,” NDP Leader Andrea Horwath told reporters as the audit noted $190 million will come from taxpayers, with the other $85 million will come from electricity rates. Despite accusing the Liberals of “lying about this from day one,” Horwath said she’ll work with the government on a spring budget as early as next week on her demands for lower auto insurance rates and closing corporate tax loopholes. Read article

7 thoughts on “Cancelled Mississauga power plant cost $275 million: Ontario auditor general

  1. She is a Liberal in NDP clothes trying to act like a PC. I don’t trust her and she is not somebody I would want in my court.

  2. Horvath has good intentions but is way off the mark on her priorities! She is trying to be everybody’s friend instead of taking a real stand like the Conservatives

  3. Horwath can say or do anything she wants but she was one of the MPP’s that signed Bill 150 the Green Energy Act and that guilt will be on her FOREVER!!!

  4. Horwath has anything but good intentions, She had her followers vote for GEA and against every anti-IWT motion put before the legislature. These were symbolic motions in the majority Liberal days, when individual NDP votes wouldn’t have changed anything. The blunt truth is that NDP supports wind energy development and would not change existing strategy. NDP is propping McGuinty-Wynne up and allowing as many projects as possible to get started before the axe falls on this Liberal regime.

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