Bluffs says no to wind turbines

barn_below_the_Niagara_Escarpment_in_Georgian_Bluffs.previewBy Tracey Richardson, Sun Times, Owen Sound
GEORGIAN BLUFFS – Georgian Bluffs is just saying no when it comes to wind turbines. Wednesday night, council passed a motion saying it would not be a willing host to wind turbines.

“The premier has said we should not be forcing these things on municipalities that don’t want it, so it was her directive,” Mayor Alan Barfoot said. “She said if you’re not a willing host, then say so, and you won’t have to have them. That’s certainly different than what was originally portrayed through the Green Energy Act.”

The 2009 Green Energy Act effectively threw municipalities to the sidelines when it came to allowing or turning away wind turbines. Any municipal zoning control of green energy projects was circumvented. Earlier this year, Premier Kathleen Wynne said her government would not step back from green energy. But she said the voices of towns and residents must be heard as new projects go forward.

Georgian Bluffs is taking her at her word.“It gets to a point where, as a society, we should never be forcing stuff on people, and the way the Green Energy Act was developed, was basically it was forcing that onto us without having any local say,” Barfoot said. “And the premier has basically said if you don’t want them, tell us, and you won’t have to have them. So we’re exercising that right now by passing that motion that we’re an unwilling host.” Read article

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  1. Good for you!! We are an unwilling host as well….we will see how far that gets us ! So far it hasn’t gotten us very far as they are still planning on building them here despite the fact our council said NO !

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