Public meeting leaves wind turbine detractors unsatisfied

no_wind_turbinesBy Stephen Pierce, Norwich Gazette
WOODSTOCK – A pair of public meetings has done little to ease the concerns of citizens who oppose Prowind’s plans for wind turbine development in the region. The two public consultations, held Tuesday at the Oxford Centre Hall in Oxford Centre and Wednesday at the Quality Hotel & Suites in Woodstock, are part of the approval process for the proposed Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project in Norwich Township. Each meeting was attended by roughly 40 members of the public, with citizens taking the opportunity to call attention to a number of issues surrounding the project, particularly concerns over adverse health effects and a reduction in property values.

Prowind staffers were on hand to speak to these concerns, and the company brought in environmental scientist Dr. Loren Knopper to specifically address worries over potential health issues. Knopper is an employee of Intrinsik Environmental Sciences, a company that conducts human health and ecological risk assessments, and cited a number of American studies supporting Prowind’s claim that, appropriately placed, wind turbines will not result in health problems. “Overall, the findings of those government agency reports, many of them (show) that when wind turbines are placed properly, there will be no direct, adverse health effects related to the wind turbines,” Knopper said.

Joan Morris, on the board of directors of the East Oxford Community Alliance, remained unconvinced. “What I’ve found is that they haven’t included any of the peer-reviewed articles that show that there are adverse health effects,” said Morris. “They seem to hand pick their (studies).” Read article

7 thoughts on “Public meeting leaves wind turbine detractors unsatisfied

  1. “…no DIRECT adverse health effects…” The “INDIRECT” adverse health effects will destroy your lives, but that’s beside the point!

  2. Knopper is a TOXICOLIGIST and not even a human toxicoligist.
    All he did was select a bunch of papers that suited the agenda the wind developer wanted.
    Anyone can do this if they want to spend time doing this.

  3. The open houses are held to satisfy a requirement of the government, so that they can say we were told about the project. But the truth is, they do not tell the facts, only a bunch of propaganda and lies designed to shut us up. It is a sham, just like their other attempts at “involvement with the community”. The truth comes out once the turbines are up and running, and by then, the wind companies are long gone.

  4. If it suited their purpose Prowind would unearth
    some medical/scientific wacko that would vouch
    for the fact that the moon was made of green cheese.

    • They will say anything if the “price is right”! Amazingly enough, money is the one thing the windweasels seem to have plenty of….the trouble is, it is from our pockets that they intend to recoup their expenditures.

      • Check out the background and membership and credibility of Intrinsik Environmental Sciences. Look up on line…..One of their people came to an open house I attended and was presented as a doctor. He had a PhD but was not a medical doctor.

  5. So are you saying your behavioural and cognitive therapy didn’t mitigate your annoyance over the wind turbines? Guess Dr Chris needs to apply more therapy to educate your community to inoculate the people against the NOCEBO effects.
    ( Hi Chris- wink wink say no more,
    LOL! I think the minions are onto you.)

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