Ontario government traded an active eagle nest for these 3 wind turbines

And here is why the active bald eagle nest was destroyed by Nextera, NexTerror, NextError, NestError…. What a @#$%ing disgrace!!

Nextera Eagle Nesterror

15 thoughts on “Ontario government traded an active eagle nest for these 3 wind turbines

  1. I literally get a sick feeling when I see this example of how wind developers perpetrate evil. The presence of the beautiful and majesic eagles in the tree is so uplifting – a testament to the sacred power of these amazing wild birds. Then for contrast, the turbines – gigantic weapons of rape and destruction.

  2. The machines are useless! What a shameful disgrace! NextTerror terrorizes a community and these blades will kill the pair of mated Eagles! When will Ontario wake up and oust these slimy carpetbaggers? OH well, that hub looks like a great target! Revenge of the Eagles! Florida Light and Power get out of our Country!

  3. Excellent comments above! And this whole desecration was allegedly perpetrated to deal with the fantasy of global warming caused by emissions. I say “allegedly” because I doubt few of those profiting care about any environmental aspect, true or otherwise.
    Yesterday I read an article about NASA researchers dealing with the idea of solar activity being responsible for climate fluctuation over the centuries. I guess now that James Hansen has retired they have decided to focus on science again

  4. One day real soon I hope to wake up and discover its all been a bad dream.

  5. I too was there when they cut the tree down.
    Over a period of 3-4 hours dozens of people stopped by to watch the horrific event.
    Too bad for Nexterror as they tried to keep it quiet (sshhhh). Even though it happened on a Saturday, when lots of folks are busy doing things with the family, running errands, etc.
    And of course the documentation of the take down – it is forever tattooed on our brains.

    • A monument to the greed and stupidity of the industries and governments who perpetrated this crime, should be erected in that spot, and the turbines shipped back to where they came from.

  6. What is truly repellent in this case is the screaming example of how the GEA overrides laws meant to protect the environment and all that’s in it: the MOE is a rubber stamp mechanism for the GEA. The MNR has no mandate where so-called Green Energy is concerned. People cannot improve their private properties because the MNR says Endangered Species have to be protected, such as, the garter snake!!! But the Bald Eagle is not a species in need of protection even though it is endangered. There are rules for the alternative energy industry, and then there are rules for the rest of us, the former trump the latter.

  7. That picture breaks my heart.
    Does the landowner who leased this piece of land to the wind company think he is ‘saving the world from burning fossil fuels? or does he believe in the going to get rich quick scam? He is as responsible, if not more so, than NextEra or the Liberal/NDP government of Ontario. He is the one who let the wolf in the door. His lack of respect for his land, the natural environment, and his neighbours cannot be overlooked. He should be run out of the community, oh but, maybe he doesn’t live near these turbines.

    • I’m hoping the landowner lives nearby, and this, in turn, becomes his nemesis. Perhaps he will become ill, causing him great suffering.

      • DoNoHarm…… Although I can sympathize with where you’re coming from, (we’ve got IWTs going up “in our backyard” as I speak) I’m not sure I’m prepared to wish ill on ANYONE (with the exception of the current Liberal government)…..especially if they signed a contract “in ignorance of the consequences to them and others” I’m reasonably confident that most of the landowners, with the exception of some who just don’t care, were just looking at the option as a way to make some extra money and maybe even have a hand in contributing to a cleaner environment at the same time. I’d like to THINK that’s the case anyway. Regardless, the lawsuits won’t, I’m sure, discriminate on the basis of motive. Their “non-participating” neighbours will treat all with equal disdain!

  8. The time will come when politicians and wind companies wake up and they too will be wishing it to be all a bad dream.

  9. Yes the time will come when the politicians wake up! Call an election now and oust the lieing Liberals and there useless cohorts the NDP! I see a land slide victory for the PC’s who will stop this fiasco in it’s tracks. I hope the law suits are piling up after the Wiggins victory in Clearview, to sue for lost property value! DO IT ! I did. And should wpd get approval to build Fairview I will proceed to sue. I have lost very substantial retirement money in the restoration of this farm house for my retirement. I have lost my right to pass this farm on to my son. It will be one of the unsellable homes because all 8 turbines will be seen, felt and heard form this house as it abuts the land of the project. I will not sell to the developer and poison more neighbours. I will not sign a gag order!

    • McGuintylies…… I wish I could be as positive about the outcome of another provincial election. According to the latest polls, the Liberals and Conservatives are running “neck & neck” with the NDP slowly, but surely, “losing more ground” but having enough “sway” to continue to support another Liberal “major minority”. Methinks that in order to see the “land-slide” victory for the P.C.s, the GTHA is going to have to wake up!! I predict further polarization between urban and rural with the Liberals being fortunate to win even ONE rural seat “next go ’round”.

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