Green Energy Act: Ontario government still sees no evil

"Gee, we've never had any complaints before" - Wind Industry RepsRoss R. McKitrick and Kenneth P. Green, Toronto Sun
Earlier this month the Fraser Institute published a report sharply critical of one of the flagship policies of the Ontario government, the Green Energy Act (GEA). We found the Act is costing Ontario over $5 billion annually but yields negligible environmental benefits, and that equivalent or greater benefits could have been achieved using conventional pollution control measures at less than one-tenth the cost.

We also found that, due in large part to the GEA, Ontario is going from having some of the cheapest electricity in North America to having some of the most expensive. This will increase industry operating costs and cut the rate of return to investment in mining and manufacturing by between 13 and 30%, further weakening key economic sectors and threatening long term job losses. And we pointed out that the choice to pursue wind power under the GEA was a particularly bad idea, as wind power generation is almost perfectly out of phase with energy consumption in Ontario, resulting in the dumping of surplus wind energy into the U.S. market at a loss of some $200 million annually.

Shortly after its release our report was cited during a debate in the Ontario legislature on the GEA. Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli dismissed it out of hand, saying: “The Fraser Institute report recommends that we go back to coal. They claim that coal is clean, and they’re recommending we go back to coal.” That was the justification for shutting his eyes to the disaster that GEA policy has created. Read article

22 thoughts on “Green Energy Act: Ontario government still sees no evil

    • Ontario is a corporation and as such is a fiction and who deserves these public servant fictions operating in fraud. We are the living and we truly have dominion over these fictions but we do not realize we truly have have them by balls. But we do not have the balls to really stand up to this fraud beginning with our attachment to our fraud corporate citizen birth certificate they so sneakily pawn onto us. By the way that certificate is the governments owner-ship not yours,and that is were the fraud starts off.

      • A birth certificate is just a record of a persons birth and replaced baptismal certificates as the legal document which in the past were used as the offical birth records and were issued by religious denominations.

  1. I love to hear the justification that anyone deserves a government like this. Especially since rural Ontario, as a whole, catagorically voted for a different governement. It’s hard for me to grasp how we are deserving of such self serving levels of ineptitude which we did not vote for.

    • CoreCulture….. MY vote is for “separation”! Let the GTHA go “on their own” and keep their Liberal government and increase their imports of food from the Far East. Let rural Ontario take care of ourselves. How could it possibly get any worse???

      • I definitely think rural Ontario should separate from the urban centres. We would have a much better standard of living if we could control our own resources, and make our own decisions.

      • A separation vote would probably be done by provincial ridings as this is the basic political unit of the province.
        Need enough valid signatures on a petition to call for a vote in each riding.

      • Could also be done by town/ township as this a another basic political unit of the province.
        Townships have in the past voted to become part of towns and cities. So the reverse can be done.
        Even towns have voted to go togther to form one town.

      • I thought the Liberals’ Omnibus Bill 51 –
        had a section in there
        to make it possible
        to sell off municipalities – in Ontario.

        Thank goodness – it was stopped, and removed – I hope.
        I’m suspicious – It could still – come up.
        Careful what you wish for –
        ……you may not like your – ‘new owner’.

  2. The worn out coal argument is all the present government has left. So they will go with this as long as they can knowing that the general public does not know the true facts.

  3. I’d believe that coal is being replaced by NG if they could actually build an NG plant. So far, they just seem to ever so slowly close coal plants, or threaten to close coal and push out the close dates farther and farther….all the while they threaten to build NG plants and then don’t do that either.

    Meanwhile, large coin is steadily funneled into Nuclear upfitting and huge capacity increases in the Falls.

    • As far as I know there was no huge Capacity increase at the Falls. There is only a limited amount of water to be had to begin with. Spring snow melt time is when the most electricity can be produced at the Falls.

      • The Niagara Falls Tunnel project was supposed to cost.$985M but had a cost over run of $500M. So cost about $1.5B. Lots of money for 150MW of electricity.
        Is it any wonder that Ontario is so far in debt?

      • 150 MW increase in 24/7 baseload generation that is 100% carbon nuetral would be what I would refer to as a signifcant increase in capacity.

        That said, I agree that it is a horrible MW per dollar investment – no arguement there.

  4. The entire coal deaths and health damages argument is based on 1 discredited study which Prof McKitrick among others has demolished. There are no acturial records or death notices to support the argument that Ont closing down coal, saved x number of lives and x dollars of health costs. It doesn’t explain how Ont would prevent the air born residues of coal generation in adjacent US states. Even if shutting down coal is desirable, then it can be done, is being done, wind generation has absolutely no part to play. The switch is mainly to natural gas. The argument Chiarelli and Wynne still make has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with politics, unfortunately a great many urban voters still believe the argument.

  5. Awesome editorial cartoon in the Toronto Sun today.
    Depicts a person carrying a very large envelope. The caption reads, “look Harold…it’s the hydro bill.”
    As Barbara and others have been saying forever, the ONLY way we are going to get urbanites on side is if the Green Energy debacle hits them in the pocketbook!!!

    • Unfortunately – the ‘greens’ started the mantra of –
      the urban-rural divide;
      and the, rural citizens seem to have – grabbed hold of it.

      The ‘greens’ were gonna save us -‘rural dwellers’ – from the ‘city dwellers’.

      Somehow this is suppose to make sense.
      Welcome to Ontario!

      Tax dollars – working in Ontario.

      • Liberal destruction of the middle class, will ultimately worsen the situation for the most needy among us.
        Ms. Wynne is obviously working – to save us from this destruction.
        But – who will she save first?

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